Try it yourself: grow a coffee tree at home


one Choosing a Growing Method

There are several ways to grow coffee at home.

from seed

You need to choose seeds that have not been stored for long, since coffee that has lain for a year or more will be reluctant to germinate. He will need additional stimulation and soaking in special solutions. The seed is planted in the ground to a depth of 3-4 centimeters and the pot is covered with a film on top so that a stable microclimate is maintained inside. It is better to water the seed with settled water at room temperature.

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From cuttings

A part of a branch is cut off from a large plant and immersed in a solution of a teaspoon of honey and a glass of water. Before diving, make cuts on the branch — it will be easier for the roots to break through them. After that, the stalk is planted in the soil to a depth of about 3 centimeters and watered with settled water. The pot must be covered with polyethylene, but it is important to make a hole in it for the seedling.

From grains

To do this, you need unroasted, undried coffee beans. Take them from an adult plant or ask at a store that sells coffee seedlings. The grain is immersed in water for a day, after which it is placed between two layers of gauze and watered twice a day, removing excess moisture. When sprouts appear, the grain is transferred to the soil to a depth of about 1.5 centimeters.

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2 Arranging a place for a plant

In order for coffee to grow and delight you with fruits, observe the necessary conditions for its maintenance.

How to choose a pot

The pot should not be too large, a half-liter capacity is enough to start with. It is better to choose pots with holes in the bottom so that excess moisture leaves and the roots breathe.

What kind of soil is needed

Choose soil for tropical plants. You can buy the finished substrate at the store or mix it yourself (for this you need to take two parts of acidified peat and one part each of humus, drainage, garden soil and sand).

Where to put the plant

A pot with a sprout should not be placed in direct sunlight; optimally good, but diffused lighting (the ideal option is a window to the east). If you have southern windows, then during the period of greatest solar activity, it is better to remove the plant from the windowsill, and if you have northern windows, you will probably have to illuminate the bush with a special lamp. Coffee feels great in warmth, at a temperature of 23-27 degrees.

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3 We provide the right care

It is not enough to create comfortable conditions for the growth and development of the plant, it must be provided with regular care.

How to water correctly

Coffee is watered daily, but if the soil is not prepared in proportion, it is necessary to monitor the soil moisture level and water it as it dries. In summer, the leaves should be additionally sprayed with a spray gun or bathed in the shower (the water should not be cold).

What fertilizers to use

It is important to feed the plant so that it develops and blooms. Coffee is fertilized with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium-containing mixtures during the summer period. In winter, only potassium top dressing is left.

How to do the right pruning

To achieve a beautiful shape of the bush, pruning is done. You can form a dense crown, and at the same time stop growth a little upwards, by cutting off the middle crown with a knife or garden shears. After this procedure, the coffee will begin to grow in breadth.

How often should you repot

As the plant grows, it needs to be repotted. At the same time, not only the planter (for a larger one), but also the soil itself is subject to renewal. Upon reaching three years, the coffee tree begins to grow more slowly, and its transplants are reduced (up to once every 2-3 years).

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