Provence style apartment: principles of creating and photo interiors


Characteristic features of the style:

  1. Colors
  2. materials
  3. Lighting
  4. Textile
  5. Furniture
  6. Forged parts
  7. Decor

This decor will appeal to those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city. Cozy rustic atmosphere, soaked in the sun, conducive to relaxation and peace. Provence style in the interior of the apartment is a combination of provincial antiquity and elegant luxury. It is suitable not only for country houses. An ordinary city odnushka or studio can also be transformed with the help of simple tricks. We list the main recognizable features that you can rely on when creating a design.

one Provence colors in a city apartment

French country, as Provence is sometimes called, does not like dark tones. Only soft pastel shades: white, lavender, blue, mint, sandy yellow, olive, pale gray, beige.

The most commonly used is white. Painted wooden furniture, seat upholstery, dishes, ceiling and wall decoration. This background is wonderfully set off by blue blotches of textiles or decorative elements.

Olive looks good with white, complemented by brown trim details.

Lavender is reminiscent of flowering Provencal fields. It is presented both in finishing materials and in decor: pillows, paintings, prints on wallpaper or textiles. Very often the interior is decorated with real bouquets of lavender.

A hall or bedroom decorated in beige looks solemn and elegant.

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    Provence style bedroom: 7 top design tips and 66 interior photos

2 natural materials

In surface finishing, preference is given to natural materials. But in urban conditions, it will be expensive to start a grandiose repair in order to make real masonry. Therefore, it is allowed to use their imitation: decorative brick and stone, wood-like wall panels, parquet, laminate, photo wallpaper.

Ceramic tiles are widely used to create Provencal interiors. On the floor in the hallway or kitchen, porcelain stoneware or terracotta tiles are good.

A bathroom or a bathroom will be refreshed by delicate floral motifs or snow-white bricks.

The kitchen apron is decorated with a small tile of characteristic shades.

Stretch and suspended ceilings are rare here. Preference is given to plastered surfaces. A distinctive feature is wooden ceiling beams, which can be light or, on the contrary, a contrasting dark color. In a Provence-style one-room apartment, they can be replaced by decorative models made of lightweight materials.

For walls use plaster or paint. Wallpaper has not been used in this direction until recently. But the mixing of directions is slowly blurring clear boundaries and you can already see photo wallpapers with landscapes of the French hinterland or just light canvases in a small flower on the walls.

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    Provence style kitchen: 6 main features and design ideas (70 photos)

3 Good lighting

The origins of the style are in southern France, where there is a lot of sun, therefore, to match it in our northern latitudes, it is necessary to consider natural and artificial light sources. If your home boasts large south-facing windows, great! If not, then hanging chandeliers with shades of characteristic shades, sconces, floor lamps and table lamps on elegant legs will save the situation. For the working area in the kitchen, it is allowed to enhance the lighting with spotlights or spots. The photo shows design projects for an apartment in the Provence style with different light sources.

four Lots of textiles

A distinctive feature of Provence is the abundance of fabric in the interior. In addition to the usual curtains, pillows and rugs, tablecloths, napkins, soft seats on chairs, carpets with checkered patterns, stripes or floral patterns are widely used. All of them should be pastel shades. For the windows of living rooms and bedrooms, airy tulle is chosen, and a denser fabric for curtains is taken in pair with it, which is collected with pretty tiebacks.

For nurseries and kitchens, Roman blinds are made of translucent fabric that transmits light well. Sometimes they are combined with ordinary straight curtains. Drawstring curtains are very suitable for this style.

5 Furniture «with history»

When choosing a setting, it is better to give preference to vintage items or new ones, but carefully disguised as antique, with cracks and scuffs.

Instead of massive cabinets, it is better to take more airy whatnots. Such a modern piece of furniture as a wardrobe can also be «aged». To do this, its facades are decorated with bound mirrors, imitating rustic kitchen cabinets with glass doors.

Open shelves symbolize the simplicity of rural life, where everything is in plain sight. Dishes on display, jars of spices, beautiful porcelain create a cozy homely atmosphere.

6 Forged items

In Provence, details of artistic forging are often used. In large bedrooms, metal headboards and banquettes on graceful legs look airy. Small rooms can be decorated with flower stands, lamp holders, unusual chandelier shades, shelving, candlesticks. Even the bathtub can be decorated with forged legs, emphasizing the style.

7 Decor of a small apartment in Provence style

French country is an abundance of decorative ornaments: painted plates, embroidered napkins, wicker baskets of various sizes, framed family photos, earthenware or copper dishes, large framed mirrors, handmade items. Remembering that the birthplace of this trend is the village, a special place in the interior is given to flowers. These can be live bouquets in vases or dried bunches of herbs hung in the kitchen, houseplants on the windowsills or in knitted planters, paintings, tiles or wallpaper on a floral theme.


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