Polymer curtains on the veranda

polymer curtains on the veranda 0

Polymer outdoor curtains, installed on the veranda, in the gazebo, on the terrace, balcony or in a cafe, are a modern practical version of curtains that protect the room from bad weather and decorate it. Most often they are installed from the outside of the openings, they are often called «soft windows».

A similar design option for verandas is now popular, thanks to the emergence of modern synthetic materials with a high degree of transparency. Curtains are made of polyvinyl chloride and awning glass, can have a variety of designs, designed to keep the room warm and comfortable in any weather. In addition, polymer curtains are also an aesthetic element of the exterior of the veranda.

Features of polymer curtains

Such a canvas is distinguished by high strength, flexibility, durability, it is resistant to the action of the external environment and household chemicals. The material does not rot, does not collapse under the influence of sunlight and severe frost. Modern technologies make it possible to produce curtains from «breathable» material, which has a high light transmittance. PVC fabrics in roller blinds can be perforated, equipped with tiny holes through which air enters the room. Installation of curtains is quite simple, and in case of damage to the structure, the likelihood of injury is practically excluded. By design, polymer curtains are similar to ordinary ones. They can be pushed aside, lifted, wrapped in a roll.

According to the method of opening the curtains are divided into lifting and sliding. Lifting curtains with grommets (special fasteners around the perimeter) are installed outside the building and rise up like blinds or roller shutters. They are light in weight, installation is carried out using awning fittings. Curtains are built into the design of the room with the help of swivel brackets, which are fixed along the perimeter of the opening. Large rings and clips allow you to stretch the canvas and get a smooth, even surface. PVC curtains, fixed correctly, can withstand even stormy gusts of wind. In a twisted form for ventilation, they are fixed with straps. Sliding structures open horizontally using a manual or electric mechanism. Two parts of the curtain can be equipped with a zipper for easy opening or design of the walk-through zone.

Outdoor polymer curtains — comfort and practicality Outdoor polymer curtains are transparent, plain or colored, combined. The option of colored curtains implies a base made of lavsan fabric, they are more durable and look beautiful. If we compare the qualitative characteristics of transparent and colored canvases, then the former are still inferior to the latter. The synthetic edge comes in different colors — under the shade of a tree, or a bright plain one. With the help of soft windows, you can maintain the desired temperature in the room and protect it from cold air, noise, and insects. Street curtains successfully replace glazing, while the veranda inside remains bright, and the surroundings remain visible. Thus, the effect of open space is created in the room. There are polymer vertical curtains like blinds. They have longitudinal cuts, the canvas is not solid and such a product allows the room to be ventilated. Polymer curtains are a way to quickly and inexpensively protect the veranda from getting wet and burning out of furniture, and to keep it in its original form. They decorate the room, create a cozy atmosphere conducive to a comfortable and relaxing stay.

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