Parquet board light oak


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Wood is one of the most expensive and noble material for flooring. Its natural color is traditionally used in the design of houses and apartments in a classic style. And light oak parquet is boldly used for any style.

Parquet board light oak in the interior

In many ways, the effect of such a floor depends on the shade itself. As a rule, light oak parquet has a neutral tone, which makes it a versatile solution. Visually, such a floor will slightly raise the height of the ceiling, fill the room with light, but do not create the effect of cold.

When it comes to minimalism or classics, preference is given to the traditional deck or diagonal way of laying the floor. The deck type of laying boards with different widths looks great on large areas. The diagonal arrangement will additionally help to slightly expand the size of the room.

For a modern solution to the issue of home design, gray oak parquet is perfect. Due to the use of several shades of such a floor at once, it turns out to make it the highlight of the room. It is also important that the gray oak parquet board becomes the basis for a monochrome combination of colors. Typically, designers use white and milky shades on a gray background, and small bright spots as an accent. The spots are most often in blue or green colors, some shades of pink are present.

The light oak parquet board is quite successfully suited as a background for light and dark furniture. Looks stylish on a gray light background furniture in white with gloss. It should be noted that for all its elegance, such a floor remains quite practical, because on a gray-white background, small debris is not as noticeable as one might think. And the room in such colors always seems filled with light and cleanliness.


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