Parquet board American walnut


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The American walnut parquet board is a beautiful design element of the room. Such material stands out with a uniform dark wood texture with a beautiful pattern, is of great value because of its decorative effect.

American walnut board features

Walnut wood is characterized by various colors — from gray-brown to rich chocolate with coffee, purple or even greenish tints. The fibers of the board are wavy, with curls, half rings, with a rapidly changing direction, similar to spreading chocolate. Walnut boards have a normal density and high strength, which is one and a half times the hardness of oak. They are easy to process, well tinted, painted and polished.

American walnut parquet looks beautiful under varnish or oil. The choice of finishing depends on the interior. Walnut wood is quite elastic, it is not afraid of temperature fluctuations, humidity, does not crack or warp.

Allocate a parquet board of the American walnut one-strip, two-strip and three-strip. The first reflects a more natural texture of wood, the three-strip contains three rows of dies and has a multifaceted pattern. Modular parquet American walnut combines the beauty of an artistic finish with the reliability of modern processing. It is designed to decorate floors in the style of luxurious castle and palace interiors, creates a beautiful panel on the floor, and provides opportunities for creating exquisite chic in the room.

American walnut parquet is suitable for a rich interior or for a neat small area. The heterogeneity of the texture of such material allows you to create a unique stylish design that gives the room a memorable look.


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