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In the modern world, we can no longer surprise anyone with a modular house design. If we consider the classical perception of such a design, then we imagine a house consisting of separate blocks, the so-called modules, which include rooms, floors, and so on. Currently, modular buildings are also called houses made of light frame structures.

To understand exactly what these structures are, you can see a photo of a modular house.

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How did these houses appear?

The simplest modular structures for living include change houses and trailers for ordinary workers. At first, temporary living quarters or change houses replaced shipping containers converted into housing, which are used by companies that transport goods by sea or by rail.

To do this, they took a container intended for recycling and insulated it, sheathing it from the inside with ordinary simple sheet materials, which makes modular houses suitable for year-round use.

Inside, electrical wiring is carried out in the room, openings for windows and doors are placed. If such a converted container is combined with other similar structures, we will get a kind of high-rise building, quite mobile — it is very easy to disassemble and transport it from place to place.

To date, the modular house has changed — not only such trailers are used for its construction, but also ready-made technologies with frame structures that are already sheathed with wood or tin. The catalog of finished houses will help you visually familiarize yourself with all the projects that exist.

Initially, such modular structures were used exclusively for the construction of shopping malls, as well as industrial buildings. Due to the fact that individual construction is growing, over time, residential buildings began to appear, which were built according to this principle.

Having considered a variety of projects of similar structures, you will understand that a modular house with your own hands is not difficult.

Benefits of Modular Designs

Modular houses are prefabricated structures that consist of several parts. You can always see a variety of layouts of modular houses in the catalogs. Such structures have a number of advantages over conventional houses:

  • they are very environmentally friendly, since only harmless materials are used in their production;
  • they are very resistant to various negative natural phenomena;
  • thanks to such structures, you can significantly expand the main building — add one or even two rooms;
  • mobile enough for transportation to other places (if necessary, their installation in another place);
  • it is easy to lay and install ventilation, plumbing and heating systems in them;
  • they are more affordable than conventional houses. Due to the low cost of building materials, the price of such structures is often two or even three times lower than for houses made of brick or concrete;
  • due to its technology, modular models almost never shrink;
  • modular constructions are quite strong and elastic. This allows you to resist more to a variety of seasonal shifts in the soil and soil, as well as adequately respond to seismic vibrations of the earth;
  • they are easy and quick to mount and dismantle.

The disadvantages of such structures

But as usual, not everything is so simple with modular homes. Upon closer examination of the various projects of modular houses, in addition to a number of advantages, we can find some disadvantages:

  • not very airtight;
  • have poor sound insulation (you should be prepared for noise from neighbors);
  • not all such structures can be mobile;
  • if there is even the slightest defect in production, the entire structure may collapse. It should be borne in mind that all communications during installation will be sealed inside the modular structure and it will be quite difficult to get to the defective part;
  • height restriction — it is desirable that the building with modules has no more than two floors in height;
  • no natural air circulation. This will require additional installations of various ventilation systems;
  • they still look more like temporary housing than a permanent home.

Modular house construction and stages

Almost any construction consists of several stages. For high-quality construction, it is necessary to observe the correct implementation of all stages.

Project, coordination and approval for a new building. At this stage, it is necessary to agree on all the wishes of the customer. Be sure to prescribe the dimensions of the room, the layout, how many floors there will be, the style of the house.

Conduct research work to study the soil in the planned site for the construction of a modular house. If necessary, you can make a foundation (tape or columnar).

Production and final assembly of modules on site. Delivery of modules to the construction site. Unloading blocks of containers, as well as installation of a modular design.

Removal of cold bridges at the joints of modules. Installation of docking plans (both inside and outside). Mounting the ridge on the roof.

Connection of all necessary communications: lamps, sockets. It must be remembered that all wiring must be laid in a corrugated single-layer tube. This will allow, if necessary, to quickly remove the ignition, in case of any breakdowns in the electrical network.

If necessary, finishing work (both inside and in the middle of the modular block of the building). For finishing work (external), panel elements with standard sizes are most often used. This allows you to significantly reduce the cost of the entire construction process.

During interior decoration, it is necessary to make thermal insulation, which will be mounted in the load-bearing elements, as well as in the ceilings and lower parts of the modules.

Today, there are companies in the house construction market that offer to build turnkey modular houses for you, taking into account all your wishes.

Modern modular houses, which are intended for both temporary and permanent living in them, can be produced in industrial conditions. With such an assembly, all modern technologies for the construction of such structures will always be observed.

The materials used are inexpensive, but of high quality, environmentally friendly, with a long service life. Houses made of such structures will serve as excellent and comfortable housing for their owners.

Photo of modular houses

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