How to use color in the interior: 5 examples from famous designers from Europe

They are called gurus, they copy techniques and take them into service. How do interior kings work with color? What basic principles do you use in your work and what inspires you? We tell.

one Jean-Louis Deniot uses no more than three bright shades

He is called none other than the «king of decorators.» The designer skillfully works in art deco, neoclassicism styles, spices up his projects with art objects. Denio admits that the main secret of a successful combination of styles and colors is that each of them has a strictly defined amount. If you have bright furniture upholstery or an active print, then the rest of the textiles are better to choose discreet. The only exception is carpet.

The main color rule of all interiors by Jean-Louis Deniot is to use no more than three main bright colors. The rest of the palette must be selected in beige and gray tones.

In the interiors of the designer, you can often find a pair of a bright sofa and a graphic print carpet. You can do the opposite: choose a neutral carpet, and make the rest of the textile bright.

If we talk about prints, then Denio calls to be careful with them: they quickly become irrelevant. The designer believes that thin horizontal stripes look more neutral and remain popular longer than, for example, wider vertical ones. If you follow the recommendations of the pros, then the damask pattern and the active country print in the form of flowers are not in fashion now, it is better to replace them with something more neutral. It is appropriate to use a plant theme. Graphic print should be chosen soft, combined with neutral tones.

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    Colors in the interior

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2 Christopher Hall chooses bronze, malachite and marble

The pro creates interiors for princes and definitely knows a lot about harmony. Hall builds a composition based on a combination of European and Oriental colors. The furniture, which is made according to the designer’s sketches, is generously decorated with arabesques, similar motifs can also be found in metal fittings. The interiors of the designer cannot be called classic in the full sense of the word, they are rather closer to retro.

Natural materials, which Christopher Hall loves, define the palette of projects. Bronze, malachite and marble objects, plus authentic decor — this is the main concept of the author’s style of the master.

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3 Jonathan Adler makes a neutral base and adds bright details

Known for his extravagant style of furnishing houses. Often the designer is inspired by the aesthetics of the 50s, but the bright colors, contrasting details that he uses make his designs very redundant and provocative. If you are close to this style, here are some tips from the guru.

White color is ideal for walls. Do you want to choose bright textiles or furniture? In order not to puzzle over color combinations, just create a neutral background for these things. What could be more neutral than white? Adler claims this is the easiest way to earn a reputation for good taste.

Don’t be afraid of bright colors. According to the pros, the more bright colors in the interior, the better. This palette uplifts the mood and adds character to the interior.

Don’t use purple. Adler hates this color, he advises replacing it with orange if you want to add more shades.

By the way, one of the latest H&M Home collections was released in collaboration with Jonathan Adler. So everyone can get close to a pro-designed interior and add designer pieces to their home.

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four David Collins prefers sophisticated colors and fabrics

Despite the fact that Collins mainly works with public spaces, he is convinced that there is simply no better place for inspiration and relaxation than home. Elegant and soulful, its interiors are built on an Art Deco aesthetic, but without the frills and pomposity inherent in this style.

The designer loves sophisticated fabrics and sophisticated colors. Silk and velvet side by side in his projects with an incredible amount of halftones of the same color.

The interior seems literally monochrome, but by no means boring.

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5 Carlo Rampazzi considers the main thing is the rejection of stereotypes in choosing colors for the interior

The spirit of the 70s forever settled in the interiors of this Swiss. Carlo Rampazzi not only loves and uses color, he destroys stereotypes regarding interior design, creating in each of his projects not a space for life, but rather a surreal picture. The architect admits that color is everything for him. Rampazzi believes that each person has his own inner world, which can be expressed with the help of color. And his mission as a designer is to do just that.

To understand color, you need to become free, get rid of stereotypes, the master believes. The basis of Carlo Rampazzi’s style is color and light, without these two pillars, work on the project is impossible.

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