How to clean a microwave: 6 easy ways and useful tips

Microwave ovens have long passed into the category of indispensable kitchen helpers: they heat, defrost, boil and bake. After all these manipulations, the equipment must be washed, because small drops of food are sprayed throughout the chamber. Under the action of high temperature, they are sintered into dense lumps. We will figure out how to clean the microwave from any contaminants quickly and effortlessly.

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All about self-cleaning the microwave

What you need to know
Cleaning rules
How to clean a microwave oven from grease
— Household chemicals
— Lemon bath
— Lemon and orange peel
— Dishwashing liquid
— Vinegar
— soda
How to get rid of stubborn dirt
How to remove an unpleasant smell
What can not be cleaned
How to keep the appliance clean

What you need to know before cleaning

Structurally, all furnaces are arranged in the same way, but the internal coating may be different. It is important to know what kind of microwave your oven has, otherwise there is a risk of ruining it with the wrong detergent. There may be four options.

  • Enamel. Inexpensive and not very durable coating. It is afraid of mechanical damage, under the influence of very high temperatures it can peel off. Easily stained, rubbed and scratched. Sensitive to acids and other aggressive chemicals.
  • Ceramics. Very smooth and therefore easy to care for. Dirt particles do not adhere well to the ceramic substrate. Easy to clean by any means. But it is fragile, sensitive to shock. Strong friction and any abrasives are prohibited.
  • Stainless steel. Very strong, durable, high temperature resistant coating. It is quite difficult to clean it: particles of dirt adhere strongly to the surface. Sensitive to strong acids. Do not clean with any abrasive products.
  • Acrylic. Inexpensive, smooth and easy to care for. Effortlessly cleans with a damp cloth. The main disadvantage is sensitivity to high temperatures. Therefore, when high power is turned on, it can deteriorate. It also deteriorates under the influence of aggressive chemicals.
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Rules for cleaning the microwave oven

It is important to know how to wash the microwave inside at home and not spoil it at the same time. We list the basic rules that must be observed.

  • The appliance must be unplugged before cleaning.
  • Take out the turntable and wash it separately.
  • The oven can be washed with a minimum amount of water. It has a lot of details that excess moisture will spoil.
  • You can not disassemble the case, remove any elements.

The outside of the microwave oven can be washed with any mild detergent, then rinsed and wiped dry. Any glass cleaner is suitable for the outside of the glass.


    How to clean the microwave from fat inside

    The cleaning method depends on the product used for washing. We have collected the most effective options to quickly clean the microwave inside.

    1. Household chemicals

    There are many cleaning products for household appliances on the market. It is best to choose specialized formulations designed for washing microwaves. These are produced under the brands HG, Top House, Sanada Seiko and others.

    You can choose universal options, but the effect may not be so good. The method of application of chemistry is indicated on the package. You need to act strictly according to the instructions.

    Means are produced in the form of a spray, liquid, powder or paste. The method of application is almost the same for everyone..

    1. Apply the composition to the inner surface of the oven with a cloth or soft sponge.
    2. Wait for the time indicated on the package until the dirt softens.
    3. Remove softened dirt with a damp cloth.
    4. Rinse and dry cleaned surfaces.

    Household chemicals are the best option for how to easily clean a very dirty microwave. Substances in its composition actively break down fat, even chronic. After using any product, it is important to completely rinse it off from all surfaces. Otherwise, it will get into food, which is highly undesirable.


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    2. «Lemon bath»

    A simple way but effective. Take 450-500 ml of water, dissolve a tablespoon of citric acid in it, squeeze the juice from two lemons into the liquid, and put the peeled fruits in a container. Place the container in the oven, start it at maximum power for 3-5 minutes. Wait 10-15 minutes without opening the door. Then remove the container, wipe the walls and the door with a damp cloth.


    3. Lemon plus orange peels

    The algorithm is similar. Pour 450-500 ml of water into a suitable dish, put two orange peels and two or three lemon slices in it. Put the container in the microwave oven, turn on the device at full power for 5 minutes. At the end of the cycle, do not open the door for 25-30 minutes, and then wipe the internal surfaces with a clean cloth.

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    4. Dish liquid

    On a moistened sponge, apply two to three drops of any liquid dish detergent. Lather it with a few hard squeezes and place the sponge in the microwave. Run the appliance at minimum power for 30 seconds. You need to monitor the process: sometimes the foam rubber begins to melt. At the end of the cycle, open the oven, wipe the walls and glass of the door with the same sponge. Then dry again with a clean cloth.

    5. Vinegar

    This is one of the most effective ways to quickly clean the microwave from difficult contaminants. True, there will be an unpleasant smell, you will have to ventilate the kitchen. Pour 450-500 ml of water into a container, dissolve 2 tablespoons of 9% table vinegar or a teaspoon of vinegar essence in it. Run the device for 5 minutes at full power, let stand for 5-10 minutes. Then wash the surfaces inside the stove with vinegar solution and rinse them with clean water. The method is undesirable to use for cleaning the enamel coating.

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    6. Soda

    Dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in half a liter of water. Pour the solution into a suitable dish and place in the microwave. Run the oven at full power for 5 minutes. Let the solution stand with the door closed and remove the container. Finally, wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth.


    How to get rid of stubborn stains

    Removing stubborn stains from the surface can be difficult. Laundry soap will help. It is best to take dark varieties of 72% fat. They are the most efficient. Lather the stain liberally and leave for a while. Then it must be actively wiped and rinsed with clean water. Perhaps the first time the pollution will not disappear. Then the procedure can be repeated. Soda gruel is also used: it is applied to the mark, rubbed lightly and left to dissolve the stain. After that, you need to wash off the soda, and wipe the surface.

    How to remove an unpleasant smell from a microwave oven

    An unpleasant smell from the detergent may remain in the stove, but the smells of burning, strong-smelling products, and others also linger for a long time. There are several reliable ways to remove them.

    • Soda and edible salt. They need to be poured into a container and put it on a pallet, close the door, leave overnight. During this time, salt or soda will absorb an unpleasant odor, and they can be thrown away.
    • Activated carbon. One or two packs of tablets should be crushed and poured onto a saucer. Leave in the closed chamber of the stove for the whole night.
    • A few slices of lemon, orange or any other citrus fruit can be put in a bowl of water, placed on a tray and microwaved for 10 minutes.

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    Prohibited cleaning products

    We have compiled a list of devices and products that cannot be used when washing a microwave oven.

    • Rigid metal jaws.
    • Abrasive powders, especially coarse-grained ones.
    • Strongly crumbling lips.
    • Knives and scrapers.
    • Aggressive chemistry. Even if it does not harm the coating, it is very difficult to wash it off without residue.

    How to keep household appliances clean

    Washing a microwave oven is a simple procedure. However, you don’t want to do this too often. If you constantly maintain the cleanliness of the device, you can wash it very rarely. You just need to follow a few simple rules.

    • When reheating or cooking, cover food with a special lid, glassware or cling film. Then the spray will not scatter throughout the chamber.
    • Drops of fat that have fallen on the walls, door glass or pan must be immediately removed. This can easily be done with a damp cloth.
    • The interior of the oven must be cleaned at least once a month. Then greasy splashes will not have time to turn into hard-to-remove stains.

    If desired, you can wash even the dirtiest microwave and get rid of the unpleasant smell in it. Purchased or homemade tools will help with this. True, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort on this. So that later you do not have to do it again, you should use preventive measures and regularly wash your household appliances.

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