We tell in 1 minute how to keep order in your home office

one More frequent wet cleaning

Since you spend most of the day at your desk, more frequent cleaning is required here. Especially wet, because breathing dust for 8 hours is an unhealthy practice. It is necessary to wipe the dust on all objects in the home office area: the table itself, large items on it, shelves. Mopping the floor will most likely be included in the routine cleaning of the entire apartment.

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2 Daily visual tidying up

Turn off your laptop, arrange your keyboard and mouse neatly, put back everything you used during the day, put books and documents in neat piles. It is desirable that what reminds you of work should be put away in closed storage systems. There is no visual mess, and nothing reminds of business. This is especially important if the workplace is part of a bedroom or living room.


3 Washing the table with a special tool

The countertop also requires frequent and careful maintenance. If it is wooden, then treat it with special oils. In this case, an ordinary damp cloth is suitable for cleaning; visible dirt can be removed with a melamine sponge. White tables are especially capricious: use universal detergents with them, which will remove traces from the mouse, mugs, pen paste, freshly printed documents.

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four Special care for household appliances

It is necessary to regularly remove dust from the surface, as well as from the inside of household appliances. This is a guarantee of cleanliness around and the proper operation of gadgets. Laptop, monitor, system unit, printer, keyboard — pay attention to everything. On a daily basis, you can use dry microfiber, which easily “sucks up” dust. By the way, do not forget about the mouse — there are traces of the palm on it, especially if you use hand cream.


5 Due attention to technology screens

Screens of a computer, smartphone, tablet need special care. To remove dust from them, a damp sponge will not work, you need to use only specialized wipes. They do not harm the screen and collect dust particles well.

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6 Frequent decluttering

Decluttering in the workplace should become a habit. Solving a lot of tasks every day, it is easy to forget about what is around. And nearby there may already be unnecessary stickers with reminders, non-writing pens, irrelevant documents, empty files and scribbled notepads. Sort out everything that is on the table and in the drawers, and ruthlessly throw away the unnecessary. It will not be possible to work productively among mountains of papers.


7 Chair or armchair cleaning

Pay attention to the chair. If you have been working from home for a long time, then most likely you have already acquired a comfortable orthopedic option. But that’s half the battle. It is important to take good care of it. If the chair is leather, then you need to take care of the material: vacuum with a soft brush attachment and spray it every few months so that the leather does not crack. If the surface is fabric, then with a special tool for upholstered furniture it is worth washing it several times a year, drying it, and then vacuuming it. With this technology, the chair will be disinfected, cleaned of traces of clothing, and stains will not appear.

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