Grunge style in the interior: tips for creating and 55 photos


The grunge style in the interior was invented by the French in the 19th century. They left noisy cities to enjoy nature and silence, rented provincial houses and even barns, and furnished them with what they brought from home. This unusual combination gave the design a twist — a combination of beautiful elegant furniture and aged wooden floors, brickwork and deliberately careless concrete walls. With such an eccentric combination, the space turns out to be quite practical. The design in its mood resembles a loft: it requires a spacious room and a minimum of furniture, leaving a lot of air and free space.

Decorate space in grunge style

Main features



  • Floor

  • Walls
  • Ceiling




Grunge apartment features

  • Beams on the ceiling
  • Brick or concrete walls
  • wide windows
  • Natural materials in decoration and accessories
  • Elegant fine furniture
  • natural color scheme
  • Conciseness

Differences between grunge and loft

In appearance, these two styles are very similar in aesthetics and casual relaxation. The main difference is in the origin.

Both here and there there is a rough finish or its absence, attention to unusual shapes and bright textures, a lot of light, a mix of budget and luxury, a casual, light mood and active accessories. But there are also differences.

High ceilings, industrial design, huge windows and bare walls — this is the aesthetic that the loft took as a basis. The fundamental difference between loft and grunge is simplicity, industrialism is the antonym of historical pathos. Whereas grunge welcomes pomposity and pathos in furniture and details, and this is easily explained by the history of the development of style.

The combination of rustic simplicity and the luxury of Parisian boutiques is a grunge aesthetic. For example, against the background of the same brick wall in a grunge interior, we will see a portrait of a prominent figure in a massive intricate frame, and in a loft — a canvas with abstract spots of paint or an advertising sign on a piece of scratched tin. Given these nuances, it becomes much easier to distinguish between two design methods.

Color spectrum

The basis of the grunge style in the interior of the apartment is natural shades, they are present in the decoration. Basic colors include grey, white, beige, black and brown. Try to emphasize the natural texture as much as possible — brickwork, solid boards, concrete — all this should become the main decoration of the house.

On a neutral background, highlight a few bright accents, for example, a sofa or armchair, a carpet. Spice up this tandem with some metal details and decorations, such as lamps, photo frames. It is important that it is not gilding or shiny chrome, but something more brutal, industrial: cast iron, copper, matte deliberately rough textures.



If you want to decorate the interior in this style, use large rough tiles or lay wooden parquet with a worn effect. Focus on the texture of wood or stone as much as possible. Cosiness will add a bright carpet. You can opt for a simple plain wicker runner or add some flair with a bright embroidered tapestry. Great if you found it in a vintage store or flea market.


The main feature of the interior in the grunge style is the lack of decoration, rough brick or stonework, wooden beams. To simulate this in an ordinary apartment, try laying out the wall with artificial stone, this is a fairly light and inexpensive material that you can apply to the wall yourself. Wooden panels and beams will also come in handy, but pay attention to the height of the ceilings — experiments with beams can only be carried out if there are high ceilings.


Speaking of ceilings. The aesthetic here calls for a wooden ceiling, like in a shed. If the ceiling height does not allow this, try adding a few thin beams or treat the surface with decorative plaster. You can wash off the whitewash, exposing the concrete.

  • Beams on the ceiling in the interior: 46 photos of use cases


    Beams on the ceiling in the interior: 46 photos of use cases


The main role in this interior is played by daylight. Large windows and high ceilings will come in handy. This design looks best in a spacious room, it is not always possible to implement it in a small apartment. If the size of the room is suitable, but there is not enough light, be sure to compensate for this deficiency with artificial light.

Since the finish is quite rough, in order for the interior to look cozy in the evenings, use lamps with diffused warm light. Distribute them throughout the room to avoid the feeling of gloomy dark corners.


Furniture in the interior should be bright, interesting and elegant, but without a strong bias towards the classics. At the same time, it is not necessary to spend money on a real vintage, you can age or unusually repaint modern models. The main thing is to make it practical and you like it. The main materials for furniture: metal, wood, stone and natural fabrics (cotton, linen, satin, wool, sometimes fur and leather).


Since the design should be practical, there are no extra accessories here. It is better to refuse stucco and gilding immediately and rely on forged rough elements, massive lamps, and raw wood. Leave the room half empty so that the interior has a lot of air and light. Focus on cozy accessories.

What can be added

  • Forged lamps
  • Plaid on the sofa

  • Carpet
  • Laconic fabric curtains
  • Black and white photos on the wall

Pay attention to the curtains and make them as discreet as possible. Simple linen curtains or light tulle will perfectly accentuate the casualness of the room. By the way, you can completely abandon the drapery of the window, now it is fashionable. Yes, and initially in this style there should not be curtains.

To add coziness, do not neglect blankets and pillows, put a few pillows on the sofa. Covers can be chosen in neutral colors or add bright accents. One-color pillows of different textures also look relevant. It is the combination of rough finishes and textured textiles that creates the main idea of ​​\u200b\u200bdecorating the space.


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