Gray parquet board


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The undisputed trend color of parquet boards in recent years is gray. Increasingly, it can be found in fashionable designs, and it fits equally well into Provence and high-tech, becoming the highlight of the interior.

What is attractive gray parquet board?

In addition to fashion, there are several other important aspects of the popularity of gray parquet. For example, its practicality — scuffs, dust and other contaminants are less noticeable on a gray floor. And in general, such a floor surface looks smoother and more uniform due to its monochrome.

Parquet board gray oak and ash are the leaders of recent years. These types of wood behave perfectly in our climate, because they grow in this area, which means that they are familiar and stable, less dry out and deformed. In addition, they are quite affordable when compared with more exotic breeds.

Due to their natural light coloration and good texture, ash and oak lend themselves well to being stained in grays ranging from dark to light.

Gray parquet in the interior

Gray is the color of harmony, stability, calmness and confidence. It combines all the best properties of white and black, becoming the perfect compromise between these contrasting colors.

As we have already said, the gray floor is ideal for a wide variety of interior styles. It looks equally good in modern, classic, hi-tech, Provence styles and becomes a great addition to walnut or cherry furniture.

Gray is such a neutral color that it coexists quite peacefully next to blue, red, green, coral, beige, peach, orange and other colors and shades. Moreover, a light gray parquet board will smooth out too flashy colors, create an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility, peace and warmth.


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