Glamor, minimalism or boho: 5 ideas for an atypical loft design

one Glamor loft

The phrase “glamorous loft” itself may seem strange, but in fact, the addition of deliberately stylish and even a little pretentious elements does not contradict the original concept of this style. It originated in America in the last century, when poor artists rented empty factory premises with minimal amenities to live and exhibit their work at the same time. But since they were creative people, among the brick, concrete and glass one could find a worn but luxurious leather sofa, copper candlesticks from a flea market or massive vintage mirrors in gilded wooden frames.

Therefore, if you increase the emphasis on stylish accessories, you will get a logical continuation of the original style. Add unexpected colors: red, pink, lilac, as in the first two photos in the gallery, find a place for a velvet sofa, hang a catchy and intricate chandelier.

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2 minimalist loft

Another style that can be mixed with a loft for a new yet harmonious space is minimalism. Leave the rough surfaces, the color scheme in gray, black and brown tones and complement it all with very laconic furniture and free arrangement of objects around the apartment.

In each functional area, a minimum of furniture should remain: in the bedroom — a mattress on the podium and one floor lamp, in the living room — a couple of shelves, poufs and a TV. Look for straight, crisp lines, like the chairs or pendant lights in the first and third photos.

3 Ecoloft

An idea that could not have appeared in the last century, but is becoming more and more trendy these days, is a mixture of loft and eco-style. Against the background of dark tiles and concrete walls, vertical gardening is placed in the living rooms and bathrooms. Pots with live plants are placed on wooden boxes that play the role of coffee tables, and more and more wood is used in furniture and decoration. This also includes furnishings made from recycled plastic, environmentally friendly finishing materials, energy-saving appliances and lighting — all this is not striking, but still affects the initial understanding of style.

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four Boho and loft

Mixing industrial style with boho makes it more casual and cozy at the same time. Small things like rugs on the wall, candles, multi-colored pillows, and throws with fringed edges smooth out the harsh feeling of rough wall finishes and spacious empty space. Throw in some worn wood furniture, antique doors, faded parquet and a couple of brass light fixtures.

5 Loft for small spaces

A concept that goes a bit against the original idea of ​​factory style is decorating a very small space. But since the style has become very popular in recent years, designers have had to modify it and fit it into the framework of small apartments and studios in ordinary residential buildings.

In order to create the right atmosphere, you will have to correctly select materials for decoration, color base and furniture arrangement. Give up the idea of ​​red brick walls, instead, in a small room, it is better to use white imitation or paint the walls in gray, reminiscent of concrete. Do not forget about metal elements, wooden shelves and chairs, slight negligence and rudeness.

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