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Skillfully selected design of curtains, their shade, pattern and texture transform the atmosphere of the room. They can act as a contrast and become the main accent in the room or be combined with the interior according to the overall color scheme and style.

Features of the design of curtains in a modern design

When choosing the design of curtains for windows in the living room, bathroom, children’s room, bedroom, one should proceed from the style of the room, lambrequins are suitable for a room in a classic design, and fabrics on grommets with even folds and tails are actively used in modern minimalism.

The purpose of the space is also important. For example, the design of curtains for a boys’ or girls’ room is significantly different. For boys, a laconic look, a checkered, striped pattern, tulle — mesh, you can use a marine theme with blue and white shades, stylize the design of curtains like a sailboat. And for a girl, bows, ruffles, frills, pink, snow-white or lilac colors are most often used.

Various elements are used to decorate curtains.

Eyelets are large rings placed on top of the canvases at an equal distance from each other. They are put on a round cornice, resulting in perfect even folds of fabric. This type of drapery is used in stylish interiors and looks very neat.

Lambrequins are a narrow strip of fabric attached to a cornice. They can be draped with folds, have a curly shape or stretched over a frame and look stern and majestic. Lambrequin can be supplemented with decorative elements — flip-flops, ties, semicircles, fringe, with their help you can create a chic curtain composition. Curtains with lambrequins are suitable for large windows.

A popular trend in stylish interiors is a combination of lifting and straight curtains. Along with curtains and tulle, blinds, Roman blinds, roller blinds can be used in the design, their use on a balcony, loggia, kitchen window is especially practical. Thus, it is possible to control the level of light in the room.

Roman blinds are straight fabrics that form beautiful horizontal folds when raised from the bottom up. They can be hung on a separate frame or on the entire window as a whole, decorated with a lambrequin.

The use of roller blinds is especially appropriate in rooms where the dimensions do not allow the use of traditional options.

Stylish curtains — a guarantee of a beautiful interior

When designing curtains, an important step is the choice of fabric. The use of a canvas with a print is made in a room with plain walls, when the wallpaper is selected with a pattern, then it is recommended to select the curtains in one color.

An interesting design option for window openings is the use of fabric combinations. Curtains can consist of several segments of the fabric with similar colors.

The modern design style is simple and concise.

The original effect can be achieved by placing the curtain on one side of the window, and on the other — tulle. Thus, there will be a stylish asymmetry in the room, and there will be enough sunlight.

Decorative clips are used quite often, they help to beautifully drape the canvas and give the setting a little romance.

Bay windows with beautiful curtains give a special charm to the room. The design of curtains for a bay window can be decorated with both the simplest and most complex elements — roller blinds, lambrequins or airy draped tulle.

Decorating windows with original curtains is one of the ways to transform the design, create a warm, pleasant atmosphere in the room. The appearance of the room and its unique image largely depend on the design of window openings.

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