Country chandeliers


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Hanging chandeliers in country style are constantly in price and in demand, they stand out for their simplicity, naturalness and unusualness. A touch of antiquity gives them originality and uniqueness.

Country chandeliers — naturalness and style

A distinctive feature of such devices is the use of natural materials, natural shades, relaxed shapes and outlines. The basic material for their production is wood. Wooden country chandeliers remind of the splendor of nature and the rural landscape, bring home warmth and tranquility to the interior. Wood for manufacturing can be used aged, with different color finishes. Details are often covered with antique varnish.

In the interior of a country kitchen, chandeliers with fabric shades in pastel shades are popular. For lampshades, textiles with a medium-sized pattern of plant motifs, checkered, wood-like, straw, grass with brown and green hues can be used.

Country-style ceiling chandeliers are popular, in which metal forged parts are installed in combination with wood and frosted glass shades. Forged elements are made of bronze, steel and painted in a dark color.

A good solution is plafonds in the form of candles, kerosene lamps, they give the product a special charm and the effect of antiquity. This design option goes well with a stylish rustic interior.

Hanging chandeliers can be mounted on chains with rings of different sizes, on ropes. Given the peculiarities of the interior design of the room, lighting in a country interior is often hung quite low. Thus, the effect of muted diffused light is created.

Country chandeliers stand out for their functionality and create coziness. They fascinate with their natural grace, bring notes of antiquity and natural charm to the room for many years.


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