Ceiling in the bathroom

ceiling in the bathroom

Installing the ceiling in the bathroom requires a special approach. Do not forget about the specifics of this room. Therefore, when creating a ceiling design for a bathroom, focus on moisture-resistant durable materials. These are stretch and suspended ceilings, plastic panels, rack systems and many others.

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom

A stretch ceiling is an ideal option for a bathroom ceiling system that will last you more than fifteen years. Stretch ceilings have many advantages. The first is moisture resistance. Imagine that your neighbors flooded you — these ceilings can withstand up to one hundred kilograms of water per square meter. The specialist will quickly drain the accumulated liquid for you. The second advantage can be called their harmlessness. They do not release toxins. The color range of stretch ceilings is huge. Moreover, you can order decor according to your own sketches.

Suspended ceiling in the bathroom

Suspended ceilings are also suitable for installation in the bathroom. But when buying, you need to check with the consultant in the store to what extent the material is not “afraid” of water. Such ceilings are of several types:

  • steel or aluminum;
  • from plexiglass;
  • mirror;
  • plastic;
  • from drywall.

The main disadvantage of such ceilings is the need for mounting the structure up to fifteen centimeters. Why the height of the walls is slightly reduced, which is disadvantageous in rooms with a low ceiling.

Aluminum ceilings for bathroom

Rack aluminum ceilings are available in different textures, colors and shapes. Durability, moisture resistance and environmental friendliness are the main advantages of this design. They are light and do not load the carrier system. And they look great in any bathroom.

Plasterboard ceiling in bathroom

To date, there is a large assortment of moisture-resistant drywall, which is easily suitable for bathrooms. But, if you are flooded, the ceiling will be completely damaged, and it will have to be completely redone. Therefore, experts still do not recommend installing it in wet spots.

Bathroom ceiling panels

Finishing the ceiling in the bathroom is possible with various panels. For example, plastic ones are convenient in that they do not significantly reduce the height of the ceiling. They are environmentally friendly and inexpensive, so if the repair is low-budget, but you want to do more, they will be the perfect solution.

Mirror ceilings in the bathroom

Let’s talk separately about mirrored ceilings. A reflective mirrored bathroom ceiling design can be a great solution for small bathrooms. They visually expand the space. Plus, such a ceiling, like all suspended or stretch ceilings, will hide all the shortcomings of the base ceiling surface. Installation of a mirror ceiling is very simple.

Caring for such a ceiling surface is not difficult. As with glass and other mirrors, you will need products specially designed for cleaning such surfaces, or you can wipe them a little more often with a soft cloth.

Mirror plates come in different shapes, with facet and with a pattern. They can be combined with other ceiling coverings, create multi-level systems. The mirror ceiling with facets illuminates not only the entire room, but also individual sections of the bathroom.

Slatted mirror ceilings are made of aluminum. They can be both mirrored and golden. They also make mirror panels, the ideal size for a bathroom is 30×30 centimeters.

And mirrored polystyrene panels are mounted on an already installed plasterboard ceiling. They allow you to achieve the desired result without further reducing the height of the ceiling.

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