Art Nouveau chandeliers

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Art Nouveau pendant chandeliers are compact and unusual, they combine simplicity and unpretentiousness of forms. The main difference between such products is the rejection of everything deliberately expensive, they should be as simple as possible, without any frills and luxury. In Art Nouveau there is a smoothness of lines and symmetry, which are complemented by extravagant details. For example, an unusual shade in combination with colored glass makes a modern chandelier a work of art.

Modern chandeliers in the interior

The appearance of such a chandelier is colorful and memorable. The most common materials for its manufacture are glass, crystal of various colors, wood, metal. The shape of the plafonds in the modern chandelier is spherical, cone-shaped, pyramidal, asymmetric. Plafonds in the style of plant themes are popular — lilies, rose buds, tulips, outlandish petals.

Art Nouveau chandeliers are installed in the living room, bedroom, hallway, for the kitchen, you can choose a laconic neat model. In the living room, she should play the main role, stand out with a solemn festive look. In such a room it would be appropriate to hang a crystal or LED chandelier in modern style. They amaze the eye with millions of reflections from crystals, create a magical glow, and can have inserts of chrome elements.

The device looks attractive in the form of hanging garlands of crystal balls and beads. In addition, crystal can now be painted in different shades, and the LED chandelier can have a colorful backlight. This greatly expands the possibilities in interior design.

In a spacious room you can hang a large modern chandelier. It can be a huge geometric ceiling lamp — round, square with frosted painted glass, or an overall frame with unusual details — spherical rings, pendants, transparent or glossy lampshades. A large chandelier is always a winning solution, a highlight for any interior.

Modern chandeliers in wenge color look interesting. In such a model, along with metal and glass, dark wood is present in the shades or body. Such a chandelier is perfect for a classic or antique interior, country, minimalism.

With the help of a stylish chandelier, you can create a special atmosphere, place accents in the room. It is the ideal tool for creating a stylish modern interior.

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