5 good reasons to use green in the interior

Experts attribute the growing interest in natural shades to the global trend towards sustainability. This is no longer just a fashion for the next few years, but a way of life for a modern person. In this context, green is the personification of biophilia — the love of nature. Natural shades soothe, fill with energy and give a feeling of purity of space. We offer five arguments in favor of choosing this range.

one Easy to use as a base in the interior

Green will be an excellent alternative to white and beige, it is versatile in terms of combination with other muted tones: terracotta, ocher palette, dusty shades of blue, gray and white of any degree of saturation. Such a base can be, for example, Flugger’s Relaxed Green shade.


2 Or apply in detail

If you are not yet ready for the global implementation of color, we suggest considering it as an additional one. Repaint the kitchen facade, restore the furniture — add stylish color elements gradually. Flugger Interior High Finish 20 is suitable for interior wood and metal work. With its help, you can decorate furniture, accessories, window sills, panels and baseboards.


3 Green can be used in any room

Green looks elegant and unobtrusive not only in small quantities, but also in bulk — on walls and ceilings. Therefore, it is suitable for decorating children’s rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.

If you are planning to decorate a living room combined with a kitchen or hallway, pay attention to wear resistance indicators when choosing a composition. Suitable, for example, Dekso 5 from Flugger — extra-durable matte paint that can be washed and rubbed even with a stiff brush.

If the room is soft, consider Flutex 7S+. This matte finish has a beautiful subdued sheen and a smooth texture. Walls painted with this paint can be cleaned with a soft brush or cloth.

If after some time you decide to repaint the surface, it will not be difficult to do this. The tone has good hiding power.

four Easy to choose the desired tone from a large palette of shades

The green scale is diverse. For example, in the Flugger palette, there are five shades that will look good in scale.

  • Antwerpen Eilersen 3. Gentle turquoise — green with hints of blue. It looks especially good with upholstered furniture in light upholstery.
  • English mist no. 58. This is turquoise with a gray-silver tint. To search for combinations, you can be inspired by olive leaves, acacia and lavender — you get a real natural mix.
  • Wegner Opal IN-803. Dark, rich and deep shade. It is reminiscent of the green notes in the opal stone. Match it with gold accessories, velvet fabrics, dark wood, and enjoy the richness and luxury of the interior in royal tones. To create the effect of a velvety coating, Flutex 5 from Flugger is suitable. Its feature is an absolutely matte finish, which is created by microvilli.
  • Take a break IN-776. It is a cheerful green with a yellow undertone. Bright and fresh, it seems saturated. However, this feeling is deceptive: on a large surface, it is muffled and does not look sharp.
  • Vineyard no. 61. Color with history. Its development was led by Flugger together with the National Museum. It turned out a noble classic shade.

5 Can be combined with other shades and textures

In combination with other natural materials: stone, wood, natural fabrics, the green scale looks much more interesting than neutral gray or beige. Tones look spectacular with today’s warm metals: brass and copper.


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