12 new scandi style trends: what will be hot in summer 2019

one sunny yellow

Bright, simple, straightforward yellow is back in fashion. Pastel variations and mustard shades, popular in past seasons, have again given way to a juicy tone.

Moreover, both warmer shades and a lemon-yellow color version are relevant.

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2 Unusual textures

The familiar textures of wood, natural fabrics, wicker baskets are gradually giving way to more unusual, unusual options for the eye: marble, embossed surfaces and ceramics.

3 Tassels, pom-poms, fringes

Scandi-boho is not losing ground. In the summer of 2019, it is more evident in the details: pompoms, tassels, fringe, decorative tassels-suspensions on door and door handles.

four Colored glass

Colored glass, undeservedly forgotten over the past few seasons, is also returning to fashion. Lightness and color in one: very summery, right?

5 Ecostyle and plant motifs

Botanical prints, natural materials with minimal processing, natural textures, floral patterns, an abundance of plants — eco-style has long become something more than just a trend, and this summer it will only gain momentum.

6 Notes of kitsch, irony, pop art

Interior trends have their branches and directions: on the one hand, there is a global trend towards ever greater sophistication of the situation (elegant patterns, non-ferrous metals, notes of classics, boho, oriental motifs), on the other hand, there is a parallel movement towards simplification (wabi-sabi, minimalism, japandi).

There is a third line: ironic design. He turns the elements of the environment into art objects; reminds us that furniture and decor are just things; makes the most unexpected objects design accents. If you have long been planning to add notes of kitsch, pop art to the atmosphere, add irony, the coming summer is perfect for this.

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7 Screens

The screen is not the most familiar element of the situation for us, however, it is confidently winning the hearts of designers and ordinary people. The reason for this is the wide decorative and functional possibilities. Zone the space, hide part of the room from the eyes, use it as an addition to an open dressing room, decorate the headboard, add a garland.

Take a closer look at this piece of furniture — and you will definitely fall in love with it!

eight Kilims

Kilim is a woven carpet; reversible, smooth and usually handmade. In many ways, it is more practical than the pile carpets we are used to. In addition, it is able to bring fashionable notes of ethnicity into the atmosphere, add patterns, and bring a new texture to the interior. High-quality kilims will be a good investment, as they will last for decades. A little worn out, they will become even more attractive, having received a touch of retro romance.

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9 Canopies and large lamps above the bed

It seems that Scandinavian designers have become tired of accent walls and stylized headboards. The current trend is multilayer draperies, canopies, canopies, as well as large (oversized) lamps above the beds.

ten Hangers by the bed

Another mini-trend for the bedroom is hangers next to the bed. This is a more compact, democratic and concise option than classic banquettes, benches, as well as trendy chests or stacks of vintage suitcases.

eleven deep blue

Blue has never gone out of fashion: in previous seasons, we saw its use in pastel and rich dark variations, turquoise tones, indigo. Apparently, the interior design is tired of such complex shades — and deep blue entered the Scandi trend of summer 2019 — pleasing to the eye, evoking associations with the sea. Suitable for both warm and cool undertones.

12 Heading for Africa

The general trend towards globalization does not bypass the sphere of interior design: in past seasons, we have observed (and continue to observe) an increasing penetration of oriental motifs into the Scandinavian style. In the summer of 2019, another trend clearly emerged — a course towards Africa. He carefully made his way for more than one year, appearing either in the form of animal prints or in the form of a specific color palette, and now he has finally taken his place in the top of world interior design trends.

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