Vanity unit


washbasin with bathroom cabinet

No one will argue that such two indicators as convenience and aesthetics should always be harmoniously combined in any room of your home. This also applies to the bathroom. Although this is a small room, everything in it should be practical, beautiful and functional. After all, it is from this room that everyone starts their day, and ends it in it.

Unfortunately, heaps of various chemical detergents on the shelves, the appearance of pipelines — all these things do not create an aesthetic appearance. Of course, a lot can be hidden, removed, for example, in a separate cabinet, but there is a better way — a cabinet under the sink. This type of bathroom furniture has a double functional direction: it acts as furniture, and at the same time, as a decorative element of bathroom design, with which you can hide a lot.

Vanity unit for bathroom

This piece of furniture should be a special place to place the necessary things, and serve as an element of decor. When choosing a cabinet for a bathroom sink, special attention should be paid to color. If the bathroom is decorated in light colors, the nightstand can be dark and have some reflective details. And to expand the space and increase the technical area, you can choose a cabinet with a mirror finish.

Of course, the texture of the material itself must still meet the direct requirements for furniture. Bathroom sink cabinets are mainly made of glass, ceramics, acrylic, as well as different types of wood. It easily withstands sudden changes in temperature, which is very important for the bathroom. With high humidity and the constant presence of water on surfaces, all furniture elements must be of high quality and durable.

Modern manufacturers offer such options for bathroom cabinets:

  • suspended;
  • floor;
  • angular.

Hanging cabinets under the bathroom sink have been very popular lately — this is the best option for a room with a warm floor and strong walls. Such models look good in small rooms, they do not burden them, and are very convenient for everyday care and use.

Corner cabinet saves space, it looks unusual and very stylish. It is optimally suited for the rational use of corners in the room, and you can visually expand the volume in the bathroom with the help of mirrors.

Sink with bathroom countertop

This type of washbasin can significantly save space in a small bathroom. Different shapes, sizes, materials, colors can transform a room and perfectly emphasize the interior. Rectangular bathroom sinks are especially practical and in demand. They are usually made of ceramics, glass, artificial stone and metal.

The table top can be made of any material and have various combinations: sanitary porcelain and wood, glass and wood, marble and glass, glass and glass.

Cast sinks-tabletops are made without connecting seams, therefore dirt accumulates in the joint, which means that such a sink is the most hygienic and very convenient to clean.

What are the advantages of acrylic sinks with bathroom cabinets?

Such washbasins are convenient to use, they are resistant to temperatures and are very durable — this is similar to sinks made of natural stone. However, they are made in a variety of forms.

An important advantage is that acrylic bathroom sinks and cabinets can be made as a single unit, without seams and the threat of leakage. Therefore, this piece of furniture will not cause problems with cleaning and will last a very long time.


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