Tiles in the toilet — design

toilet tile design
thought room

The toilet is not for nothing jokingly called the «room of thought.» In addition to the direct purpose, a person in it can relax as much as possible, read and even meditate. In densely populated Japan, the toilet is the only place where a person can be alone, so the design of this room is treated especially there. We will try to follow their example.

Tiles are the most practical and durable solution for walls. The design of the tiles in the toilet, as in the smallest room of the apartment, should be aimed at increasing the space, but often the dimensions of the room are so small that this visual expansion of the walls is simply meaningless. Therefore, the design of tiles in a small toilet should be such that you feel comfortable spending time in it. In this regard, it can be firmly argued that the color of the tiles in the toilet matters.

About styling and colors

Perhaps someone likes the sterile white color of the tile, but in the toilet room it is frankly boring. Especially the layout of such tiles in the toilet «herringbone» or diagonally. Pink, blue and pale green colors of glossy tiles have become mauvais ton.

But the black color, contrary to popular belief, looks great in the toilet, especially in combination with white grout. An interesting solution in black is a tile that imitates a mosaic, although it is expensive.

It is better to make the design of laying tiles in the toilet uniform, although a combination of several types of laying is also possible. The difference in textures, the game of contrasts looks good. It is possible to use tiles of both large and small sizes, tiles with relief patterns, photo tiles. Colors must be combined skillfully. When using bright colors, it is important that the interior does not irritate and does not put pressure on the eyesight. But when using dark tones, make sure that the interior does not put pressure on the psyche and does not oppress.

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