Style without rules: decorating a boho interior

If you are tired of minimalism and strict rules, and the soul requires freedom, creativity and a riot of colors, there is a solution. The boho style in the interior is for those who are not afraid of experiments, draw inspiration from diversity, love eclecticism, bright and quirky little things. We tell you how to create an atmosphere of bohemian chic in your apartment.

All about boho in the interior

Style history
Basic Rules
— Choose a direction
— Decide on color
— Combining the incongruous
Decorating every room
— Living room
— Bedroom
— Kitchen
— Bathroom
— Hallway

Style history

For many, boho is rightly associated with the heyday of the hippies in the 60s and 70s. Indeed, it was during this period that the style gained the greatest popularity, but its origins go back to the distant past — as far back as the beginning of the seventeenth century. The French word bohémiens was used to refer to Czech gypsies who lived in the European region of Bohemia. Since the Bohemians were nomads, their clothes and household items were mostly borrowed from different countries and cultures: from Europe to India and China.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the fashion for the exotic, and especially for everything oriental, came to Europe, however, initially it extended only to clothes with ethnic motifs. And already after, starting from the 50s, boho-chic was rethought by beatniks and hippies.

Today, this style is chosen by free-spirited creative people who are not alien to artistic mess and slight negligence in details, and the interior for them is a way of self-expression and a reflection of a bright and chaotic inner world.

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How to implement boho style in the interior of the house

The main rule is no rules. The whole essence of this direction is the rejection of the canons of design and strict restrictions. That is why you will not find two identical boho interiors — they will always be individual and unique. And yet this direction has its own characteristics, which can be guided by thinking through the design.

Choosing a direction

Since this style is very diverse and heterogeneous, several directions naturally emerged in it:

  • Boho-chic is the very thoughtful frivolity and flaunted luxury (including fake). If you like kitsch, then this direction is for you. Key elements: gold and crystal, animal prints, heavy fabrics, rich decor, upholstered furniture and luxurious tableware.
  • Eco-friendly boho is suitable for those who love to travel, are interested in other cultures and care about nature. As a rule, this style is based on soothing colors and natural materials.
  • East — in this version, the interior is based on oriental motifs, large ornaments, bright finishes, photo wallpapers with large prints, fringe, embroidered carpets.

Deciding on a color

There are no restrictions on color: you can choose any colors, including bright ones, and combine them in any variations. Neither the rule of three primary colors nor the principles of visual perception of space work in this direction. If you want to paint the walls in a small bedroom dark green or black, then you can do it. Do you like bright, almost acidic shades? Let there be more.

At the same time, for eco-friendly boho, which is especially popular today, there is a characteristic palette similar to the Scandinavian style: a light background and natural colors (shades of beige, gray and green, terracotta, deep blue, brick).

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We combine the incongruous

Finally, the main attribute of boho-chic in the interior is a combination of seemingly incongruous textures, ornaments and objects. Furniture from different eras can coexist in one room; a variety of fabrics (for example, velvet, leather and lace); several finishing materials at once; stripes, polka dots, checkered, floral or geometric pattern; items specific to different cultures.

Question: how not to overdo it and will such virtuoso combinations turn out without the help of a professional? The key to success is sincerity. The very essence of style is to reflect the individuality of the owner, so it is important not just to take a set of random items, but to gradually collect those that have sunk into the soul, bringing trophies from trips or author’s shops. The collection will grow, the interior will constantly change, like a living organism, and its elements will “make friends” and “grind” to each other.

Design tips for different rooms

And now let’s see how you can create a boho style aesthetic in the interior of an apartment (with a photo for each room).

Living room

To decorate the living room, you will need a lot of textiles and accessories. Be sure to use the following attributes.

  • Bright multi-colored plaids with ethnic ornaments.
  • Pillows with several different patterns.
  • One large carpet or several small ones, you can lay them with an overlap.
  • Curtains and tulle (an interesting idea is fringe curtains).
  • All kinds of figurines, vases, candles and aroma lamps.
  • On the walls — paintings, photographs, panels made of natural materials.

In eco and oriental boho, as many indoor plants as possible are welcome. They can be located on all planes: from the floor to the walls and ceiling on hanging planters. From furniture, we add one or more armchairs or oriental pouffes to the sofa, as well as a coffee table. If space allows — a closet, vintage chest of drawers or open shelving.

A hanging hammock or armchair looks unusual and impressive in the living room. For him, you can make a separate zone with your own light and additional decor.

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It is important to create a comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom, and it does not have to be expressed in pastel colors. If you like bright colors, you can safely use them in the recreation area!

The emphasis in the bedroom is usually on the bed. It can stand out both in the form itself (for example, wooden headboards, a forged frame or a pallet base look organic in this style), and in design. In addition to bed linen, we decorate the bed with many colorful pillows and a blanket. In support is a soft cozy carpet and curtains on the windows — for the bedroom we choose dense fabrics that do not let in light.

At the head of the bed, be sure to hang a decor characteristic of the style: a homemade dream catcher or a panel. It can be knitted or made using the macrame technique. As in the living room, several pots and planters with green plants can be placed in the relaxation area.

And to make the bedroom not only cozy, but also functional, you can place a full-length mirror in a large frame, a bedside table and a wardrobe in it.

If in a private area you want to take a break from bright colors, the room can be decorated in muted light colors, with an emphasis on textures and original decor.


The boho style in the interior of the kitchen is a great opportunity to realize all your old dreams, which remained only dreams for reasons of practicality. Rich color walls, open shelves, a bright free-standing refrigerator — all this will perfectly fit into the style.

The main chips of bohemian cuisine

  • Original assorted dishes, ideally handmade and in a single copy.
  • All kinds of jars, baskets and other original ways of storage.
  • Photos, paintings and fridge magnets as decor.
  • Items made of wood, brass, rattan.

You can lay a rug on the floor, put flowers or pots of microgreens on the windowsill, and decorate the ceiling with a lamp with a wicker shade.


A bathroom made in this style will become a real place for relaxation. With the right decor, even in a modest area, you can make a real spa. To do this, you will need scented candles and essential oils; live or artificial plants (in the first case, we prefer unpretentious species that will survive in the bathroom); rug made of natural fabric and pleasant to the body towels; table-shelf, if you have a free-standing bath; mirror in an unusual frame; multilevel lighting.

To finish the bathroom, tiles in natural shades or with a bright pattern are suitable: brooms, patchwork, mosaics. Standard faucets can be replaced with retro models, and instead of a regular sink, you can put an oriental-style bowl on the cabinet.


For the hallway, it is better to choose a neutral color scheme and focus on original furniture made of wood, plywood, rattan and other similar materials. Unusually, homemade items (for example, shelves or a rack), vintage and wicker furniture look unusual in the interior of the entrance area.

You can decorate the corridor with paintings, a large plant in a clay pot, wall sconces and a mirror in a wooden or fabric frame.

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