Sink in the bathroom


bathroom sinks

The sink is an essential item in the bathroom. It starts the morning and ends the day. Therefore, it is quite difficult to imagine a bathroom without a sink. Moreover, it has become a necessity for each of us.

Today, the sink has become one of the most popular items in the interior of the bathroom. Today it can be large or small, of various shapes, of different fixation methods. This suggests that everyone can choose the most convenient sink for themselves.

Hanging bathroom sink

Hanging bathroom sinks are sinks that are attached to the wall. 70% of sinks are suspended. They are perfect for a small bathroom, and their compactness will give more free space. Hanging bathroom sinks, like any other types of sinks, are classified by size, design, material of manufacture. These same factors affect the prices of shells. There are two ways to install a wall hung sink. In this case, you will need either brackets or screws. It is not recommended to buy cheap plastic siphons.

One of the most common and found types of wall mounted bathroom sinks is the pedestal and semi-pedestal tulip. The pedestal hides the pipes for the sink, and its presence becomes very useful during cleaning. With a wall-hung sink, you can feel the comfort and spaciousness in your bathroom.

Let’s add colors

Colored bathroom sinks have been specially designed for a unique and striking bathroom design. Having appeared on the market, colored shells blew up the notions of fashion and modern interiors. If earlier people did not pay attention to the color of the sink, since they were all white, today you can freely add colors to the bathroom and make it cheerful, bright, positive. The most juicy colors and their shades appeared. A whole palette of shells puts you in front of a choice.

When buying a colored bathroom sink in a store, experts will help you match the sink with different bathroom cabinets or shelves of the same or a similar color. Now, when creating the interior of the bathroom, you can play with colors, and, thereby, bring extraordinary pleasure to yourself and your loved ones, using the new bathroom.

Acrylic — a copy of natural stone

Until recently, sinks made of stone were a luxury for more than half of the population. Only rich and affluent people could afford to decorate their house with a stone sink. As you know, natural stone is very expensive, and working on it can cost more than its cost. Despite this, thanks to technological progress, an artificial stone was made, which in appearance practically does not differ from the real one. Acrylic bathroom sinks — instantly occupied the first rows of sales. This is reasonable value for money. Cast stone has become an excellent material for sinks of various shapes and sizes. Acrylic sinks began to be used both for the bathroom and for the kitchen.

more compact

In their size and shape, narrow bathroom sinks have quickly entered the modern fashion trend. Housewives choose them because of their compactness and convenience. Such sinks take up a minimum of space in the bathroom, and minimalism has always looked good wherever it was — in the kitchen, living room or bathroom. Recently, narrow sinks have been bought not only for the bathroom, but also for the toilet.

Usually, in a small bathroom, housewives try to use every centimeter, every corner to good use. It is for this rational use of free space that corner bathroom sinks were made. They can be of different sizes, made of different materials, but their common feature is the shape — angular.


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