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In North America, for about 50 years, the construction of houses from sip panels has been practiced. This technology came to our country only 5-10 years ago, but every year the popularity of houses built with its use is only increasing.

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The main advantages of houses from sip panels

Before proceeding with the design of houses for sip panels, you should familiarize yourself with the main advantages of such buildings:

Saving heat. To date, houses using this material are considered the warmest in the world. According to calculations, a dwelling built using Canadian technology is as much as 6 times warmer than a brick house.

The ability to maintain temperature makes living in such a dwelling very comfortable, because in winter the house is not cold, and in summer it is not hot. Finishing houses from sip panels gives the house the ability to calmly endure temperature fluctuations from -50C to +50C.

Strength. Structures made of sip panels are characterized by a high level of strength, and their one-piece construction contributes to the transfer of hurricanes and earthquakes up to 7.5 points. The walls of the premises are able to withstand a ten-ton vertical load and a two-ton transverse load per square meter.

High build speed. In just 3 months, you can build a house with an area of ​​150 m2. At the same time, the construction of one-story houses from sip panels can be done at any time of the year.

Refers to environmentally friendly construction technologies.

Long service life guarantee. Expanded polystyrene is not subject to decay and deformation, as a result of which the estimated life of a house built using this technology is 80 years.

Fire resistance. Houses made of sip panels are characterized by the presence of the third degree of fire resistance. The walls of such a room are able to withstand direct fire for an hour.

But the biggest plus is that such houses have the ability to self-extinguish. It is noted that the thermal energy released during the burning of such houses is as much as 7 times less than the energy released during the burning of wooden buildings.

The presence of soundproofing. Expanded polystyrene does not allow vibrations of air masses to pass through, therefore it is able to absorb sound up to 70 dB. That is why such houses are an ideal solution for families with children, because you can no longer be afraid that the neighbors will start complaining about the excessive activity of the child or his passion for musical toys.

Stages of building a house from sip panels

For the construction of a dwelling using sip panels, you need to follow a certain plan:

Building a house using this technology begins with the creation of a foundation. Given the fact that sip panels have a relatively light specific gravity, the foundation can be used both as a tape and column type.

If it is not planned to create a basement in such a house, then the best option for the base is a monolithic concrete slab that creates the basement of the building.

On top of the foundation, a frame is created for future walls and ceilings between floors. The distance between the vertical posts of the frame must match the width of the panel. That is why, after installing the bottom strapping of the horizontal type, frame vertical racks are installed according to the dimensions of the sip panel installed in a certain place.

Another option for installing walls is a detailed calculation of the location of each part of the frame, which is performed taking into account the dimensions of the sip panels in a special computer program. Having finished assembling the walls, you need to proceed to the installation of the roofing system.

With full observance of the technology for building buildings from sip panels, two-story houses can be assembled in 3 weeks, while designing a dwelling takes much more time, about 2 months. It will take about 1-1.5 months to build a house from sip panels with a garage.

At the same time, a huge advantage of building buildings from such material is that during construction work there is no need to use heavy equipment to lift individual sip panels, since their weight does not exceed 20 kilograms.

Finishing and interior design

Another advantage of houses made of sip panels is that almost any material can be used for their decoration. But in most cases, facade decoration is carried out using siding, brick laying (for this you need to first strengthen the foundation) and artificial stone.

The design of houses from sip panels can also be created in any style, everything directly depends on the future owners of the premises. But most often the interior of such houses is decorated in a modern style, where the main element is the presence of a fireplace (before installing it, you must additionally finish the walls with refractory materials).

It is especially popular to decorate the interior of houses from sip panels in the following styles:

  • high tech;
  • classic;
  • country;
  • modern.

Below you can see photos of houses made of sip panels, decorated in this style.

If there is no desire to spend your time on decorating the external and internal appearance of the house, then you can simply familiarize yourself with the catalog of finished houses made from sip panels.

At this stage of time, many construction organizations involved in the construction of houses from sip panels have included the construction of fully developed houses in the list of services. That is, a number of professional designers carried out the development of the interior and exterior of a particular house. Then the customer comes to the office of the organization, examines the proposed options and chooses the most suitable one for himself, a number of adjustments are allowed.

As a result of the information received, it can be clearly identified that houses made of sip panels are suitable for those people who do not like long waiting times and are used to always taking care of their health.

After all, environmental friendliness, durability and resistance to fire guarantee protection from all the most popular problems of our time. And the presence of soundproofing in the presence of a small child will greatly facilitate the life of young parents and their neighbors.

The Canadian technology for building houses still causes a lot of controversy, but more than one resident of the country has confirmed the quality of such a home.

Photo of houses from sip panels

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