Oval carpets

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The process of choosing carpets for home decoration is quite laborious. You need to pay attention to many details and parameters, including determining the shape of the product. Oval carpets are far from suitable for every room, so you need to be able to combine them competently to get a harmonious picture.

Oval carpets in the interior

An oval-shaped carpet looks good if it lies under an oval table, a chandelier, or next to a sofa of a similar shape. In the bedroom, an oval rug can serve as a small bedside rug. A good choice is an oval carpet for other rooms.

So, a modern or classic oval carpet on the floor in the living room will come in handy if the room has small dimensions. Unlike rectangular carpets, oval ones visually expand rather than hide space. In the living room, let’s say a soft oval carpet with a long pile, in which the legs will simply sink.

They occupy a relatively small floor area, while being isolated from the furniture, without requiring additional clearance. Moreover, if the interior of the living room is already quite strict, oval carpets will enliven the atmosphere a little. For living rooms, calm colors of oval carpets are usually chosen — beige, gray, white, etc.

Undoubtedly, a children’s oval carpet will be the best choice for decorating a child’s room. The non-standard form is just what you need for a nursery. You can combine this rug with other rugs that are similar in style. The main thing is that the oval carpet is bright — green, lilac, orange, with drawings and patterns. But even a plain purple oval carpet, in harmony with other textiles, will become a real decoration of the princess’s room.

In the kitchen, an oval carpet will look good under the same oval table. It will smooth out too sharp corners and diversify the straight lines of the kitchen set. At the same time, it is better to choose carpets of dark shades and with a minimum pile length so that it retains its attractive appearance longer.

Why oval?

When choosing between the more traditional rectangular rugs and the innovative oval rugs, designers make the following arguments in favor of the latter:

  • smooth lines and smoothed corners make the interior softer, more intimate, more comfortable;
  • an oval-shaped carpet subconsciously evokes a feeling of relaxation and comfort;
  • non-standard forms allow you to play with space and furniture arrangement in a new way.

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