Marine style chandelier

marine style chandelier 0

Blues and turquoises, sand hues and shell décor contribute to a dreamy state, which is why nautical interiors often appear in our homes. We adjust walls, curtains, furniture to the style direction and, of course, we are looking for a suitable chandelier, which will emphasize the peculiarity of the interior with its light.

Varieties of chandeliers in a marine style

Most often we buy a nautical-style chandelier for a boy’s room. Although romantic memories can be the reason for decorating the whole house in this way. The most popular type of chandelier is a helm-shaped lamp with one or more glass shades. For the frame choose wood or other material. A marine-style chandelier looks no less interesting when used instead of glass, fabric, rope or metal. Plafonds in lamps are placed with the direction up or down. The design of some products excludes shades, leaving the lamps open.

Products, as a rule, are made universal. In addition to incandescent lamps, energy-saving, halogen and LED lamps are suitable for it. Most chandeliers are sold as nautical-style ceiling pendants on a chain. Recessed decorative lamps in the form of a starfish, shell, barometer or porthole also look impressive.

Designers treat chandeliers for children in a special way. They are brighter, more colorful, create a cheerful gaming atmosphere around them. For a nursery, an image on the device of a ship or a sea chart can become an additional decor item. All kinds of decorations in the form of figures look attractive around the ceiling. Chandeliers in the children’s room should be impact-resistant and environmentally friendly.

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