Interior of a small bedroom

small bedroom interior

If it happens that you have a very small bedroom, its design can be a real headache. When you want to put a real bed, not a sofa, and still need to find a place for a closet, it seems that the room will look like a small box. Do not despair — there are several ideas for interior design of a small bedroom that will visually increase the size and fill the atmosphere with comfort and coziness. If you approach it wisely, you will end up with a bedroom that will create a special mood, literally whispering sweet lullabies.

So, follow these simple rules and your small bedroom interior design will create the illusion of spaciousness.

  1. Use a simple color scheme. The simpler the colors, the more the room looks — this rule is unshakable. However, the colors should be bright enough. If you make the ceiling white, it will create the feeling that it is higher than it actually is. In no case do not use dark and aggressive colors for the ceiling, otherwise the interior of a small bedroom, especially in Khrushchev, will cause claustrophobia. For walls, use neutral shades and do not hang them with a lot of accessories. Leave at least one wall without anything, and you will win back a sense of freedom.
  2. Choose small-sized furniture. This advice seems obvious, but it is often neglected in favor of the style you like. For the design of a small narrow bedroom, most likely, you will have to choose a folding sofa, otherwise the bed simply will not leave room for passage. One of the latest trends is designer furniture. You can find a closet that turns into a bed or a bed that doubles as a desk. For more classic interiors, an Asian-style low bed is suitable. Swedish style furniture is also designed to fit into tiny spaces.
  3. Choose an interior theme that will visually expand it. Depending on your taste preferences, you can create an idea that will organically combine all the interior items and make the small size of the bedroom more of a virtue than a disadvantage. For example, you can make the interior like in a yacht cabin, and the children would be just happy if their tiny room was decorated in the form of a tent. Do not forget about the features of the shape of your room, the design of a small square or rectangular bedroom in this regard is quite simple, but a round or triangular shape will require original ideas and an individual approach.
  4. Arrange furniture well. Since the space in this case is almost priceless, the location of the furniture plays a very important role. The bed can be placed not just against the wall, but in a corner, but if it is a small bedroom with a balcony, it must also be taken into account in the design, deciding which pieces of furniture can be moved there.
  5. Hang up mirrors. Mirrors are one of the easiest tricks to make a room seem bigger. The same function is performed by large windows, letting in natural light and expanding the room.
  6. Use simple materials. Wallpaper and sheets should be made of simple materials. Everything should be neat and minimalistic, without frills. Also avoid heaps of ornaments and massive patterns, they will look bulky and heavy.
  7. Built-in light. You should not buy lamps and floor lamps if you can make a built-in light at the head of the bed. When designing a very small bedroom, you can forget about bedside tables and large chandeliers. To make the atmosphere ideal for relaxation, it is better to choose switches with which you can adjust the degree of illumination.
  8. Nothing extra. And most importantly, remove all unnecessary items, do not clutter up the space that is already missing.

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