How to build a house with your own hands? Simple instructions for beginners. Photo review of modern projects of private houses

Many of us want to have our own home, which is located on a separate plot with a garden, play area or gazebo. However, not everyone can afford to build a house from scratch. To reduce the cost of construction, you can build a house yourself, with your own hands. Immediately before the start of construction, it is necessary to view a photo of a private house in order to decide on the project of the future home.

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We determine the size of the future house

Having decided to start building, probably the first question that arose after you made the decision was “how to build a private house yourself?”. Fortunately, there are certain rules and construction steps that cannot be changed or removed.

After reviewing the projects of makeshift houses, you can clearly understand what size your future home should be, how many rooms you want to have and what they should be.

To reduce the cost of building a building, it is necessary to choose all sizes and layouts correctly. A few tips to ensure that the house is inexpensive, but it was built with high quality:

  • It is best that the outer contour is in the shape of a square. This means that the perimeter of the house will be minimal. Accordingly, the foundation for the length of the walls outside will also be of the minimum size.
  • Try to choose such a layout so that all rooms are located on the minimum allowable area. Instructions on how to build a house can help in choosing the most optimal layout.
  • Give preference to the simplest and most useful layouts to accommodate all the things you need.
  • If you have not yet decided on the number of floors of the house, think about it, a one-story house is much easier and cheaper to maintain than a multi-story one. In a two-story house, you will have to build an additional staircase, respectively, allocate space for it. There are options when an attic is built instead of an attic. Despite the savings in materials for the walls, with this option, the cost of building a roof increases.

Foundation and savings on it

We see only a small part of the foundation of the house. In this regard, many have a desire to save even at the stage of building the foundation. Under no circumstances should this be done! In the future, this will be fraught with serious problems.

What is a foundation? This is the basis of your entire home, your housing. With unreliable foundation construction (namely, saving on materials or ignoring certain stages of construction), cracks may soon appear in the ceiling of the house, in the walls, shrinkage will be uneven, the house may collapse over time. It will not be possible to fix these problems after construction is completed.

Walls: configuration, choice of material

In order to reduce the cost of construction, many choose the cheapest materials for building walls. It is worth noting here that you can not choose cheap and low-quality materials. Analyze all available and affordable options and make a choice in favor of the most optimal one.

In a forest area, wood will be the most optimal material in terms of price-quality ratio. In the steppe zone it is adobe. In places where there is a lot of natural stone, shell limestone is considered the cheapest material.

If all the proposed options are not suitable, you can build a house of aerated concrete with your own hands. When choosing building materials for your home, do not forget to take into account their cost, delivery and installation in the estimate. Also be sure to take into account the speed of laying materials, lightness and simplicity.

Frame house

A house of this type is built from 14 days to several months. The speed of construction directly depends on whether the owner of the dwelling himself decided to build a house or a team of specialists is engaged in this. Having decided to build a frame house with your own hands, you can be sure that it will last more than 70 years (this is the life of such buildings).

After all the supporting structures are installed, it is the turn of the next stage — wall cladding with finishing materials. You can mount any type of facade cladding on the walls: block house, siding, cassette panels. When sheathed with additional materials, the structure gains greater strength. The weight does not increase much.

Necessary communications

Necessary communications include: water supply, heating, electricity. A gas boiler can be used to heat the house. Thanks to him, in winter, you can significantly reduce the cost of heating your home.

If funds allow, you can immediately make a warm floor during construction (we all know that heat goes from bottom to top) — mount plastic pipes in the floor, and pour concrete screed on top. This way you can heat the whole house. An alternative to such a warm floor can be solar energy, which will not allow you to freeze even on cold winter evenings.

The sewer system must lay before finishing and pouring the floor. In the same way, it is necessary to lay plumbing before the completion of these works. It is necessary to designate in advance where the rooms and household appliances that require drainage will be located. All pipes must be laid according to the declared schemes.

If the central system is not available to you, you can dig a well or a well. Unfortunately, these are not very cheap options.

Arrangement of the floor and roof of the building

As soon as all work on the installation of the necessary communications is completed, you can proceed to pouring the floor with a concrete screed. You can cover the floor with any material. Ideal for this: laminate, linoleum, tiles and others. Tiles are among the most practical and sustainable materials.

As soon as the walls are erected, the floor is laid, you can make a roof. If you decide to build a two-story house, use concrete slabs as a floor. The first step in the construction of the roof will be the installation of a facing grill (beams are used for this).

Next, you should cover them with one of the following materials — slate, metal tiles, corrugated board or ondulin. Regardless of which material you prefer, the roof must be insulated with glass wool (the cheapest and most affordable material).

We hope you understand how to quickly build a house with your own hands and at the same time not very expensive in terms of money.

Photo tips on how to build a house with your own hands

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