House with panoramic windows — 120 photos of the best projects for a country house

Many focus on the quality of lighting. It concerns the visual effect, mood and human perception. Panoramic windows are often used for this purpose. They attract with their beauty externally and internally, have certain features. All of these aspects need to be dealt with.

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More and more owners of large houses are using the glazing technique, which was borrowed from the French. In addition, this technique is also used in apartments. Previously, this was an advantage for those who live in warm latitudes. Today the situation has changed, you can install panoramic windows in different regions, despite the weather conditions.

This is the merit of modern technology. A special layer is applied to the area of ​​​​the double-glazed window, which helps to reduce the heat transfer process. This allows you to use panoramic windows in a private house even in cold climates.

It is worth considering the main options for designing housing using different materials.

brick houses

The advantages of choosing a brick house are strength and warmth. If you want to install panoramic windows, many are stopped by the problem of heat savings. It’s really not that easy to do, but it’s possible.

Note! In the event that your house includes the construction of an attic, then it is in this place that you can install panoramic windows.

The photo of the house with panoramic windows shows a two-story cottage with an original layout. Their installation makes the surrounding design special, expands the boundaries. From the attic floor you can observe the surrounding beauty.

If this option is not to your liking, then you can use the partial method. Structures should be installed in the sunny side of the house. Thus, you will lighten the room as much as possible, give it warmth and comfort.

An alternative to this option is often used in the form of an ordinary window, the width of which is up to 1 m. Such a window occupies the entire area from the floor to the ceiling area. This does not quite replace the panorama, but it attracts with its appearance.

frame houses

Sandwich panels are one of the most relevant options. They are available to a wide range of consumers, the assembly of structures is quite simple, which facilitates the workflow.

It is worth noting that frame houses with a panoramic window complement the high-tech style direction. The design provides for the location of an ordinary window on the first floor, and a glass panorama on the second.

The project of a one-story house with panoramic windows is also popular. For example, a living room-studio. The advantages of this layout:

  • available materials for the workflow;
  • simple process of assembly and direct installation of double-glazed windows.

Important! If you install high-quality panels, then there will be minimal heat loss. In the event that you are surrounded by the beauty of nature, then this option is the most optimal for you.

The installation process is carried out by a specialist. After all, with poor-quality installation, they can fall, or damage the appearance.

There are such options for a strong frame:

  • PVC is considered a budget option. Among its shortcomings, restrictions on the dimensional grid are distinguished;
  • glued laminated timber, or the use of wood;
  • aluminum material is considered reliable and strong.

Installation work is also different in execution options:

  • experts distinguish window-door system. Its main characteristics are glazing in the frame, which means large windows with ceilings;
  • outside there is no frame in the structural version. At the same time, the inner crate remains, the glass is fixed with a special glue.

These options are used for sliding, monolithic, or combined structures. The first method is considered the most budgetary. Among its shortcomings are the inability to ventilate the room during the hot season.

Glass for panoramic windows must meet certain requirements.

  • At least 6 mm is the thickness of the product. It is best to install shockproof glass. There is also a low-emission, or multi-format product.
  • At least 12 mm is the air gap.
  • You should choose the most transparent glass.
  • Specialists draw up a corresponding project, glazing.

Wooden houses

Often the owners of wooden houses think about the design of a house with panoramic windows. This is a stylish solution that is popular today. It is important to consider the issue of heat conservation. With extensive glazing, it is better to think about all the options for how to make the room warm.

Consider the region where your house will be built or has already been built. Consider heating and materials. It is important to choose double-glazed windows of appropriate quality that will last you a long time.

Despite the fact that there will still be heat losses, with the right approach, they will be minimal. Partial glazing will help with this.

Note! It is worth choosing the south side of the house during the planning of the panorama. During design, this point is negotiated.

The advantage of choosing a wooden house is the comfort, the atmosphere that fills the house. You can look at the catalog of cottages with a panoramic window, see the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Small house

The area of ​​small houses is about 60-80 square meters. The projects of such houses are modern, their heating is provided in advance. The layout of the glazing in this case is of great importance. Partial glazing and low heating power can be allowed.

The style direction in which you can decorate a house with panoramic windows is minimalism.

Advantages of this choice:

  • a house with large window openings looks quite nice;
  • the lighting of the room becomes much better, the interior of the room looks in a more favorable light;
  • thus decorate the facade of the house;
  • have a unique external and internal appearance;
  • visually expand the space. With their use, even a small room becomes larger;
  • when using this design, different decor options are distinguished;
  • allocate a reduction in costs regarding interior decoration, because the area for finishing work in the wall area is reduced.

Among the shortcomings are heat loss, long-term care. After all, the size of panoramic windows is larger than usual, the duration of washing also increases. It is worth using the services of professionals, because the safety of residents depends on a quality installation. The security spectrum also includes the fact that thieves can easily find out about the presence or absence of the owners.

You can also highlight the high cost of materials, the complexity of the process itself. In addition to all this, houses with such structures are in demand, their photographs attract with their appearance and are the pride of the owners.


The house with panoramic windows looks beautiful and modern, attracts the eyes of the surrounding people with its appearance. Before starting the design process, it is worth considering all the main points. In this way, you will equip your home with the best comfort that will serve you for a long time.

Photo of a house with panoramic windows

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