Retro-style in the interior is relevant for more than the first season. Designers not only skillfully introduce vintage items into projects, but also completely stylize the design for that era. Take a look at Grandma’s chest of drawers. Perhaps it will inspire you to rethink modern space?

All about the interior in the style of the 1960s

How to decorate the interior in this style
— Elegant early 60s
— Futuristic second half

Interior features in the style of the 60s

The sixties are one of the most cheerful eras of the last century. The difficult 1950s were over, the world had overcome the consequences of the Second World War, and the expected recovery of the economy began.

It was in the 1960s that new technologies appeared in mass production: lightweight plastic and polypropylene, which can be molded. Designers are also experimenting with materials, forcing metal and wood to take on unusual shapes. At this time, such masterpieces as Giancarlo Mattioli’s Nesso table lamp, the Pantone S chair and the famous Ball chair in the shape of a ball appear.

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Main features

  • At the beginning of the decade, simplicity, lightness and elegant conciseness come into fashion. Things are becoming more and more functional. Scandinavian design is gaining popularity.
  • By the mid-sixties, the style of the interior becomes bolder. The world is inspired by the conquest of space and futurology, there are extravagant furniture, pure colors and the technique that is so popular today — color blocking.
  • Paper wallpapers are gaining popularity. They captivate with the variety of drawings and the ease of working with them.
  • The release of items becomes massive. Cheaper materials lead to the fact that people no longer buy sofas, tables and armchairs for centuries, they are ready to easily change them.
  • As for specific prints, the influence of pop art and hippies is felt here. The first includes geometry and a repeating pattern, the second brought a floral aesthetic.

In general, Soviet design did not lag behind the world, some things were copied, but more often they were the result of a rethinking of the work of Western colleagues. Therefore, old furnishings that belonged to grandmothers can be safely styled today. And even without additional work: if it is in good condition, it is not necessary to repaint it.

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How to decorate the interior

Despite a single era, we will single out two directions: elegant and futuristic. Hippies appeared at the end of the decade, so their style can be conditionally attributed to the era of the 1970s.

Elegant early 60s

The main features of this trend are conciseness, simplicity and functionality. This affects the choice of finishes, furniture and decor. One of the main finishing materials is wood. Cabinets, chests of drawers, cabinets, decorative panels on the wall — all this is made of wood. In the interior of such a retro-style kitchen, a wooden set will definitely appear, and in the bedroom or in the living room — a panel above the bed.

It is not necessary to use wallpaper here, the design is not so extravagant, so a neutral paint of the base color will be appropriate. But you can introduce color with the help of upholstered furniture. Bright accent upholstery is one of the most noticeable techniques. Another feature: thin tall furniture legs. This gives the whole design lightness and air, even large rooms do not look heavy.

Pay attention to the layout. There are practically no partitions in the space, it is as open as possible. This is true even today.

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The style of the early 1960s fits well with modern design. And if you don’t want to focus on retro, you can only slightly indicate the era.

  • Take a closer look at modern analogues of upholstered furniture on thin legs. Many manufacturers offer reimagined models of Prince or Oculus chairs.
  • Oddly enough, but in the IKEA assortment you can also find things with a historical touch. For example, a TV stand from the Stockholm series or an Odger chair are an inexpensive analogue of the iconic Eams.
  • Help with styling and accessories. For example, a classic floor lamp or a table lamp without excessive decor.
  • Don’t forget about technology. Smeg’s retro design is second to none, especially if you’re styling the kitchen and dining area.

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Futuristic second half of the 60s

In the photo, such a retro-style interior looks unusual, catchy and spectacular. It’s all about scale and form.

Here the trend for elegant furniture continues. True, the materials and partly the form are changing. Fancy extravagant models of armchairs and sofas, molded plastic chairs and tables, bright fur puffs dilute the neat wooden cabinet furniture. New models become as if streamlined. Finishing also adds to the brightness. Printed wallpaper or simply painted walls — they become accents. The main thing is not to overdo it and not plunge into kitsch. Because the colors themselves are characterized as pure and even psychedelic.

In the modern interpretation, designers are trying to get away from the excessive decorativeness of the second half of the 1960s.

  • They use more subdued complex colors. The neutral palette is the base. And brightness is added by accents in the form of panels on the wall, upholstered and cabinet furniture, decor.
  • Use color blocking — color spots. This idea is suitable for any room. The main thing is that there are several flowers, and the objects are large. For example, a sofa and armchairs, curtains, paintings, appliances and cabinet furniture. 3-4 spots will be enough.
  • Catchy accessories are the basis of retro interior design. The Akari floor lamp by Isamu Noguchi is a good reference for decorating.
  • Art. Pop art posters, Andy Warhol prints, and Roy Lichtenstein comics all set the right atmosphere for the era.

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