Exterior decoration of the house — 140 photos of modern cladding of a private house

The capital construction of a house or the implementation of its repair with external and internal updates is a special technological process, consisting of many complex steps and procedures that can be carried out independently. Without the involvement of experienced and qualified specialists, it is possible to select materials for finishing work, the purpose of which is to decorate load-bearing walls, taking into account all the architectural features of a residential, capital building.

Considering the proposed photos of the exterior of the house, the happy owners of their own homes will choose the option that will be the perfect solution, help decorate the exterior and will fully meet their wishes.

The design of the upcoming arrangement will help develop a general concept of decoration, it will correspond to the already chosen style, on the basis of which the idea of ​​​​landscape design of the adjoining area was developed.

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Why is finishing work carried out on the design of the facade of the house

Having built a house, or planning to repair it, it is important to think about the design of the outer walls, which will provide an opportunity to make it beautiful and attractive to others and neighbors by correctly selecting building materials for finishing procedures.

In addition to the aesthetic function, such decoration can be a practical solution to the problem of thermal insulation and protective measures necessary for the practical protection of load-bearing walls from damage caused by natural factors. Read also here: the basement of the house.

The main reasons for choosing such a reliable and high-quality material as facade panels for home decoration are their optimal performance characteristics, the need to purchase them is justified by the following parameters:

  • facade cladding contributes to high-quality insulation of a newly built and already commissioned building, which opens up the possibility of additional energy saving and lower utility costs, expensive purchase of energy resources during cold weather and seasonal changes in weather conditions;
  • the appearance must be periodically updated, putting it in order and ensuring the maintenance of aesthetic appeal through the use of modern and stylish design, original design projects that meet all the needs of the owners;
  • a building requiring repair or a building that has been in constant operation for a long time necessarily needs to strengthen the facade, many panel and finishing materials provide an increase in protective parameters from the aggressive effects of external natural factors.

The complexity of decorating the walls of residential buildings is justified not only by their decoration with the help of modern building materials, but also by their strengthening, therefore, the selection of functional materials must be taken very responsibly.

Exterior finishing options

The modern and most popular materials used for outdoor, finishing works include a number of building materials, the use of which requires compliance with a certain technological procedure, include:

  • fiber cement panels. Without direct contact with the surface of external structures, they have an optimal level of flexibility, which excludes their cracking and damage during installation and operation for a long time;
  • decorative plaster. It is quite simply applied to the facade and is distinguished by a complex of excellent performance characteristics that ensure the durability and strength of the material with excellent elasticity, a high level of reliability;
  • decorative brick. It is offered on the market in a rich variety of colors and shades, an assortment of textures, which opens up new possibilities for decorating and transforming the entire residential building and creating an original exterior.

The modern market of building and finishing materials offers a fairly rich choice for those who decide to independently choose the decor and arrangement for a private, country or country house, or use unique energy-saving technologies in practice. Read: pavement around the house.

The ongoing exterior finishing of a house made of aerated concrete, wood or brick requires a careful selection of decorative and functional panels that will protect the buildings from the outside, strengthen the entire structure, and help make housing attractive from the outside.

Fiber cement panels for house exteriors

Ideally suited for facade installation, the material has a whole range of performance characteristics that distinguish it from others offered by manufacturers of building materials used to decorate the main walls, these include:

  • low flammability, increasing the safety of operation;
  • resistance to harmful and destructive ultraviolet radiation;
  • light weight of finished panels, contributing to the convenience and ease of installation;
  • increased impact resistance and resistance to mechanical damage;
  • the possibility of installation at any time of the year and under weather conditions.
  • ecological cleanliness of the decorating base, which does not emit harmful fumes.

Separately, it is worth noting the optimal level of aesthetic, which makes it possible to give the external walls of the building and the facade a presentable, stylish and original appearance when implementing the design.

Original decorative plaster finish

Composite mixtures, which are the basis of the composition of the decorating plaster, guarantee a simple and uncomplicated carrying out of all work with this material and obtaining the best result in decorative and functional decoration due to:

  • fast hardening on the surface, which saves time for the arrangement;
  • good resistance to external environmental factors and weather;
  • strength and optimal reliability, ensuring the durability of the finish;
  • optimal refractory qualities and low weight of the material that does not weigh down the walls.

The indisputable advantage of this type of finish is the extended range of colors and variations of textures, which helps to realize even the most daring idea of ​​the designer, and the finished project will match the landscape design.

Finishing with brick or reliable decorative stone

Facing stone or decorative brick helps to strengthen the facade and helps in the complex design of private or country houses.

The old building is completely transformed, and the new one acquires an individual and design design due to such a material that has managed to gain popularity among connoisseurs of excellent quality and affordable cost.

The choice of materials for decorating the facade must be carried out at the design stage of a residential building or in preparation for repair work, based on a set of operational and physical and mechanical parameters.

Photo of the exterior of the house


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