English style in the interior: for those who appreciate tradition and conservatism

The aristocratic and elegant English style in the interior of an apartment or a country house will appeal to adherents of traditional forms. Wood, rich fabrics, soft lighting and Victorian furniture — have you already felt the mood of Foggy Albion? We tell you how to recreate it in a project of any area.

Everything you need to know about English style

Basic moments
Decor and accessories

Basic moments

It is not difficult to be inspired by the classic English style in the interior. It is enough to include your favorite British series or films. It is unlikely that you will see modern minimalism or scandi in them, all interiors will be conservative and very cozy — in the spirit of old England.

In fact, this direction is a mixture of two eras, the Victorian and the Gregorian. And finally it was formed in the second half of the 19th century. Like all historical styles, English requires careful selection of materials, furniture and accessories. Fakes and modern stylization will not work — genuine items are needed.

Hence the main feature is traditionalism. Simply put, the rejection of all functional innovations and materials. That is, in such a house, food is cooked in the kitchen, the whole family gathers at the dining table in the dining room, and they work in the office. There are no options for dividing the room into different zones. And even more so, designers are unlikely to offer to build partitions — they will only interfere here.

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Look at the photo of the interior of the bedroom in the English style, or any other room. What would be your first definition of this setting? We suggest: comfort. In decoration, it is achieved through exclusively natural materials, the key of which is wood.

Parquet is the most suitable solution for decorating an apartment or house. In extreme cases, you can use tiles, for example, in a wet area of ​​​​the kitchen. But no imitation in the form of porcelain stoneware or laminate, try to avoid such modern analogues.

The second point is paper wallpapers. This is the perfect cover for a classic. Striped or with chintz flowers — the choice of prints is not really wide. Here you are unlikely to find geometry and abstraction. The more conservative the drawing, the better. For inspiration, we suggest turning to the products of those same English manufacturers of building materials: Cole & Son, Morris & Co, Sanderson and others.

Plaster will replace wallpaper in wall decoration. For example, if you are decorating a city apartment of a small area. In this case, it is preferable to use natural natural shades: the whole range of beige, terracotta, olive, warm blue, gray and so on. You can decorate such walls with moldings.

Another option for decorating a bedroom or living room is a combination of wood paneling and wallpaper, or a combination of wallpaper and plaster. Such a classic combination can visually reduce the space, so be careful in small areas.

The ceiling is the only place in the apartment that we recommend decorating in a minimal way. If the height allows, you can consider stucco. If not, a neat curb is the maximum.

There are more options in a private house. Even beams on a timber ceiling can sometimes complement the design. But they must be processed, it is difficult to enter a wooden polished beam into the classics on your own.

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Furniture in the interior in the style of English classics

This is one of the key elements of this direction. In fact, it is the furnishings that create the right mood and atmosphere in the English interior.

One of the features of furniture design is the clutter of space. Even in the center of the room, the place is usually occupied by a coffee table, armchair or pouffe. Materialism is a bright component of British stylistics. It emphasizes the love for quality things and objects with history. Hence the choice of furniture.

There are quite a few iconic items in the style. And, if you want to arrange an apartment in this way, be sure to take note of one or more positions.

  • Wingchair or armchair «with ears». In appearance, it resembles a throne: deep, with armrests and, most importantly, with wings on both sides. It is believed that they helped save some heat from the fireplace. The most famous example of such a chair is IKEA’s Strandmon. But be warned: Swedish mass production will not work.
  • Sofa «Chesterfield». A design legend, its appearance has not changed for the third century. All the same leather in the finish, the same height of the back and armrests, a special screed and barely noticeable legs. In the modern interpretation of the English style, deep-colored velvet models are allowed in the interior.
  • In general, all upholstered furniture differs in weight. Only chairs can be elegant here, the rest of the items are on small plump legs made of solid wood, upholstered in heavy textiles.
  • Secretaire or sideboard, preferably vintage. And it is not at all necessary to restore it, scratches and traces of time will add charm to it.
  • A library with a large number of books is another must-have attribute. Soviet classics, old collections or recently bought — it doesn’t matter, just keep your shelves in order.

What else can be traced in the choice of furniture? Eclecticism. The British are not afraid to mix different cultures — historically this was facilitated by the colonial era.

In this context, you can experiment with the choice of bed, dresser and dressing table in the bedroom. The canopy, by the way, is an optional element. But, if space allows, you can complement the interior with such a decorative element.

It is worth noting the choice of plumbing in the bathroom. No built-in models. A free-standing bowl on elegant legs, a classic toilet bowl and a stone sink — style should be seen in everything.

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Decor and accessories

Another aspect of design, which is not worth saving. There are a lot of decorative elements in this style. They help to close the air and emptiness, which is completely inappropriate here.

Let’s start with pictures. The most obvious choice is academic painting. Moreover, oil paintings, graphics, pastels and watercolors are suitable — do not be afraid to combine paintings on one wall. If they are stylistically suited to each other, there will definitely be no disharmony.

In the kitchen, a still life with oil paints will be complemented by decorative plates. In the interior of the living room, the English style allows you to experiment with both plots and form. A real African mask or Japanese silkscreen can be placed next to a classic landscape. But only if the things are genuine, vintage, and not bought in a tourist shop. The same principle works in decorating the bedroom.

Literally everything is filled with decor: from the secretary and the library to the wall shelves. Elements such as vases, caskets and figurines can be combined in size, color, material and shape. A little decorative chaos is what you need.

Decorative pillows are another finishing touch. Chinz, tapestry or plain velvet can also be combined. One “but”: the Chesterfield sofa is not intended for such decoration, it is better to leave pillows on armchairs and pouffes.

Don’t forget vintage. Even modest elements that do not have any value can bring the right note. Candlesticks, porcelain figurines, silver cutlery — these can be very small things.

Fresh flowers are an indispensable part of the home in Britain. And we are talking about garden bouquets. Use seasonal flowers to decorate the dining room and living room: David Austin roses, lisianthus, peonies, raspberry greens, single-headed chrysanthemums, carnations and, of course, dahlias are especially held in high esteem.

English style

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