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Modern designer carpets are an interesting approach to interior design. They are a key design element, they look fashionable and unusual, stand out with original images, unexpected color combinations.

Such products are a combination of the author’s design and manual creativity of the master.

Designer carpets — individuality and style

Designer products are made from natural materials using fine wool, cashmere, silk, bamboo fibers in combination with synthetics — soft acrylic, lurex. They are incredibly warm and soft, create coziness, comfort, excellent sound insulation. The main feature of designer carpets is interesting compositions that always attract attention. They embody incredible ornaments — mysterious floral and floral patterns with cheerful butterflies and flowers, a green meadow, abstract images reminiscent of Impressionist and Cubist paintings. Separately, one can single out carpets in ethnic style — Pakistani with bright multi-colored stripes or models made of New Zealand wool in delicate colors. Often on the carpets you can even see reproductions of famous paintings — Picasso, Van Gogh, Renoir.

Among the variety of images, abstract drawings, graffiti, lace, bas-reliefs look especially beautiful. They can copy the texture of wood or leather, patchwork, rope weaving, antique drapery, embroidery.

The classic carpet stands out for its seasoned color schemes, elegant monograms and patterns. Provence style models use flowers, bouquets, wreaths, and plant elements in their design.

The shape of a designer carpet can also be unusual — round, oval, polygonal. You can find the most extraordinary products — in the form of a flower, rose, snowflake, leaf, even blots, scrambled eggs or a cut of a tree. Now the most fashionable are carpets of small sizes. They do not cover the entire floor in the room, but focus on the desired area.

This product is a gem of a room. Made like an artist’s painting, the carpet will look great in the center of the living room, hallway, dining room, nursery.

The designer carpet in the interior emphasizes the high position of the owner. It will keep the heat in the house, becomes a real work of art, while remaining comfortable and soft.

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