Chandeliers with lampshade

chandeliers with lampshade 0

Lampshades are designed to dim the brightness of lighting fixtures, they tend to absorb intense rays and create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Therefore, chandeliers with lampshades have a soft, diffused light. At the same time, such a product can be decorated with fabrics, crystal, glass, openwork weaving and becomes a worthy decoration of the interior.

Features of chandeliers with lampshade

Lampshades in modern chandeliers are made of textiles, silk, organza, burlap, plastic, metal or special paper. They are made in the form of a frame covered with these materials. The texture of the surface can be smooth, corrugated, tucked, lacy, gossamer.

The shape of the lampshade is found in the form of a bowl, ball, cone and hemisphere, parallelepiped or any abstract configuration. The lampshade with a frame extended to the bottom gently diffuses the light, and the shade, open to the top, reflects the light rays from the ceiling. Transparent lampshades simply dim the light, while opaque ones make it directional.

The lampshade in the form of a hemisphere completely covers the chandelier from above, like a floor lamp and directs the light down the room.

The classic chandelier with lampshade, decorated with crystal pendants, looks more elegant and luxurious. Most often, the bulbs located in it on curved horns are covered with small closed frames, additionally decorated with bows, flowers, draperies, rhinestones. This helps create a festive atmosphere.

Many people prefer chandeliers with glass lampshades. From a practical point of view, they are easier to care for. Glass can be transparent, colored, frosted. In this case, the original art object is obtained from the chandelier.

Chandeliers with lampshade in the interior

This lighting device will be appropriate in any room — in the living room, hallway, corridor, kitchen, nursery. It decorates the room and helps to relax after a hard day at work. They look spectacular in the bedroom or dining room, the translucent matte surface of the lampshade dims the light and allows you not to strain your eyesight.

For the living room, chandeliers with lampshades are larger in shape. A classic chandelier looks interesting, wrapped around its entire diameter with a light fabric or lace cylinder, like a veil. This combination gives it a special mystery. If you want to achieve a stronger effect, then the lampshade can be used transparent, but in a different color — black, green, silver, to suit your interior. A chandelier with a black lampshade, with a smooth or wicker, is sure to become a stylish accent in the room.

An important decorative property of the lampshade is that it can be installed on a chandelier, wall sconce, floor lamp, table lamp in the room and create a similar harmonious design. The fabric model is easy to combine with textiles on furniture or windows.

Stylish lampshade can be chosen for any design. For modern, floral ornaments on fabric material are suitable, for a boudoir interior — options with fringe or frills. For oriental interiors, you can choose lampshades made of thick geometric rice paper, for African style — from woven bamboo or coarse materials.

It is better to install modern energy-saving lamps in such a lighting fixture. They do not heat up so much and provide a greater degree of safety during operation.

Chandeliers with lampshades make the room feel like home. They decorate the room and change its atmosphere. Such products have a unique charm, will please the eye with their unusualness and help you to enjoy a comfortable stay.

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