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Today, the wenge style is considered very popular, implying the use of interior items from an expensive type of wood in dark noble shades. And quite often, to match the furniture, people buy wenge pendant chandeliers, which belong to the premium class and play a huge role in interior design.

Wenge color chandeliers

Wenge chandeliers have a dark color and can be made not only from wood, but also from other materials that imitate it or simply have a given shade.

In the classical sense, wenge is a material obtained from a plant growing in Central Africa. After a certain treatment, the wood is incredibly durable and resistant to insects and other adverse factors.

Chandeliers made from such wood are very expensive. But the wenge wood ceiling chandelier goes well with materials such as glass, metal (including chrome), allowing you to embody the most daring interior designs. For example, a wenge chandelier fits perfectly into modern or high-tech style.

Additional Benefits

In addition to all of the above, wenge chandeliers have other positive properties that are valued for interior decoration and lighting:

  • they have excellent decorative qualities;
  • thanks to their luxurious look and versatility, they fit into many styles of interiors;
  • have a long service life;
  • resistant to many types of influences and loads.

In addition to real wenge, you can often find a good imitation of it, which greatly reduces the cost of chandeliers, which means that style and luxury become available to people with different levels of income.

It looks very cool to combine a ceiling or pendant chandelier with other lamps in the same style — floor, wall and table. And also with pieces of furniture in the same dark colors.


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