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The helm ceiling chandelier is a popular variant of a nautical-style lamp. Such a model is made in the form of a suspension, mounted on chains or ropes. By changing the height of the suspension, you can adjust the height of the lamp.

The shape of the chandelier is round with characteristic six crossbars in diameter, sometimes you can see a model with a vertically located solid or cut steering wheel.

Among the chandeliers that imitate the steering wheel, there are products made of wood, metal, ceiling lamps can be modern round, cylindrical or completely copy ship lamps of past centuries. Instead of plafonds, open lamps are often used, placed on forged candlesticks, in bowls, with lampshades.

Often in such chandeliers, “candle in the wind” light bulbs are installed, imitating live fire. Their flasks are made in the form of a tongue of flame, swaying from the wind.

Instead of several lamps, one central domed ceiling can be installed.

The color of the body of the chandelier is most often made dark under wenge, mahogany, and other valuable wood species.

Chandelier steering wheel in the interior

Such a product is one of the most memorable and striking interior solutions. It works to create a holistic design of the room. The chandelier is suitable for antique interiors, creating a business style in an office, an interesting living room, a cozy bar. It is suitable for a cozy room in a wooden house, in a country house, a veranda, in a summer kitchen or a hunting building. Due to the characteristic color scheme, this chandelier is ideal for any design project related to wood.

The ship’s helm chandelier is also popular for a captain’s cabin-style nursery, creating an air of fantasy and adventure. In the living room, such a product, installed above a coffee table, will create detachment from the outside world and a cozy seating area.

Deprived of glamor and grandiloquence, the steering wheel chandelier is great for country design. In it, it will remind you of wildlife, seascapes and fresh air. Previously, such models often decorated farmhouses or saloons.

Due to the shaded surface of the glass, subdued diffused light and a cozy romantic atmosphere are created.

The marine theme of the chandelier creates a specific atmosphere in the room, fills it with the spirit of freedom, the desire for new discoveries and travel. Such a lamp of a pronounced decorative orientation will decorate a stylish unusual interior.


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