Bathroom wallpaper

Bathroom wallpaper

In most cases, bathrooms are decorated with ceramic tiles. It is strong and durable. But there is a category of people who try to bring comfort and zest even to the interior of this room. Wallpaper and will help create it.

Wallpaper for the bathroom: to be or not to be?

It is clear that the use of wallpaper to decorate the space allows you to create unusual and eye-pleasing interiors. But for rooms with high humidity, finishing materials should be selected with particular care. This approach has both strengths and weaknesses.

Among the shortcomings, the reaction of finishing materials to conditions of high humidity is obvious. Many types of wallpaper have a paper base, which will definitely deteriorate when in contact with water. Glue can also react with moisture and swell, leaving unsightly bumps or streaks. Due to the ability of wallpaper to absorb moisture vapor, sooner or later you may encounter the problem of peeling.

But even with all these disadvantages, wallpaper for the bathroom has a number of advantages:

  • the cost of the material and the work of the master is an order of magnitude lower than when using tiles;
  • changing wallpaper is much easier and faster than upholstering tiles and re-aligning walls;
  • the choice of pattern, relief or color is much wider and the «maneuvering field» is greatly increased.

As you can see, this option for wall decoration with the right approach is quite acceptable. In order to avoid all the above problems, it is enough to follow simple rules. The most important thing is to choose the right finishing materials for conditions of high humidity.

Try to avoid places where there will be constant and direct contact with water: the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe bath or shower, washbasin. Take care of good ventilation of the room in advance.

What kind of wallpaper can be glued in the bathroom?

If you decide that this room design option suits you, you should dwell in detail on the types of wallpaper that are suitable for these purposes.

  1. Liquid wallpaper in the bathroom is the last word in interior fashion. In fact, this is one of the types of water-based plaster. After you put a layer on the wall, it hardens and becomes impervious to water splashes. Before you apply liquid wallpaper in the bathroom, the surfaces should be carefully prepared. First, a layer of a special primer is applied, and then a colorless water-repellent varnish. There are several reasons to choose liquid wallpaper in the bathroom. The obvious advantage is the lack of seams. They are environmentally friendly and do not contain toxic substances.
  2. Vinyl wallpaper for the bathroom has proven itself in conditions of constant humidity. Even if you periodically spray them with water, they will retain their original appearance for quite a long time, not to mention steam or small splashes. But such a pleasure is not cheap, although for its long service life such moisture-resistant wallpaper for the bathroom fully pays for all costs.
  3. Washable wallpaper for the bathroom is often used in the kitchen. The fact is that this type has a special water-repellent coating that protects against swelling and deformation. Washable moisture-resistant wallpaper for the bathroom can be easily cleaned from dust or dirty stains. They will last quite a long time, practically without changing their appearance.
  4. If you do not set saving goals, but just want to decorate the interior with wallpaper, then you can try another unique look — glass fiber. They don’t absorb moisture at all. This option is made of glass without the use of a paper base. They can be painted, which makes it possible to constantly update the room at any convenient time.

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