Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture

The bathroom is considered a special place in the house and everyone wants to see it in their own unique style. The morning of a person begins with the bathroom, it charges with positive and cheers up. When decorating this room, it is important to observe not only stylistic rules, but also to choose functional furniture that will be comfortable for family members.

The furniture in the bathroom becomes the final touch in the decor and is installed after all the “rough work” (laying tiles, installing the bathroom and the door). This furniture must fit into the design of the room and be ideal in terms of disinfection and cleanliness. All its constituent components must be quickly cleaned and practical to use. That is why the selection of furniture should be given special attention.

Furniture classification

No wonder they say that repairing a sanitary unit often costs a considerable amount. The final cost is formed not only by expensive finishing works and fittings, but also by expensive furniture. Based on the cost of furniture, there are several types:

  1. Luxury bathroom furniture. It is considered the most expensive and high quality. It is produced mainly in Germany, Italy, France and other European countries. Manufacturers use only natural materials. If the cabinets, then wooden, if the handles, then chrome-plated, if the washbasin, then decorated with marble.
  2. Furniture of the middle price range. These products have a simpler design, natural materials are replaced by plastic, accessories are often short-lived. Inexpensive furniture can be susceptible to moisture, resulting in mold.

Experts say that in order to purchase high-quality furniture, it is not necessary to throw out fabulous sums. It is necessary to carefully study the characteristics of the products, take an interest in the material of manufacture and its coating. All furniture parts must be assembled with high quality, the doors must not creak and loosen. As a rule, furniture in the bathroom is actively used, so it must be strong enough.

To create comfort, it is desirable to use furniture for the bathroom in the classic style. Mirrors in a beautiful carved frame, materials with textures and patterns, aged dressing tables — all this will bring a share of romance and homely warmth.

The avant-garde and high-tech style will become the opposite of the classic. Here, smooth lines and warm colors are replaced by minimalism and clear forms. Bathroom furniture in such styles should be as simple and concise as possible, the interior should not be cluttered with unnecessary details and fittings.

Decorating a small bathroom

For many people, the bathroom is very tiny, as more space is given over to kitchens, hallways and living rooms. In this regard, it can be very difficult to choose furniture for a small bathroom and people experience difficulties. Designers advise to carefully plan and rationally use every millimeter of free space in the bathroom, then there will be enough space for a washing machine, and perhaps even a laundry basket.

In the case of small room parameters, built-in bathroom furniture is ideal. This furniture is usually made to order and provides for all the features of the bathroom layout. You can use hanging cabinets and dressing tables with built-in drawers and a washbasin. Owners of very tiny rooms can use hanging countertops with overhead sinks and other furniture of the original non-standard shape.

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