Bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories

No matter how expensive repairs you make in the bathroom, the bathroom accessories dictate the final style of this room. They are able to grab attention and enrich a modest finish, and can also significantly offset a high-quality repair with the wrong selection and combination.

Today there is a huge range of bathroom accessories. They are made from various materials, have different designs, styles and characteristics. Let’s consider the main ones in more detail.

Variety of bathroom accessories

  1. Shelves. If there are cabinets in the bathroom, then one shelf under the mirror is quite enough, on which you can store daily use products — creams, cotton pads, lotions. In the absence of furniture, you can arrange bathroom utensils on several shelves. They are metal, glass and plastic. The size and style is better to choose according to the design of the bathroom.
  2. Accessories for hygiene procedures. Similar accessories are found in every bathroom. These are a variety of sets, which include a soap dish, a liquid soap dispenser, a glass for toothbrushes and a toilet brush. All these elements can be mounted on a wall or simply installed on existing planes. The unified style of execution of all these accessories brings extraordinary harmony to the design of the bathroom.
  3. Shower and bath screens. A practical curtain, which is hung on a special rod in the bathroom, can become a central accessory in the bathroom. They are made of polyethylene, vinyl or textile with a water-repellent coating. In addition to preventing splashing water, shower or bath screens decorate the bathroom with a variety of colors. Choose samples with a weighting agent at the bottom — then the curtain will not deform and stick when wet.
  4. Rugs. Various mats made of numerous materials will help you comfortably stand on the floor in the bathroom, even barefoot. Give preference to non-slip mats — they are rubberized at the bottom.
  5. Hooks. This accessory is indispensable in the bathroom — because you always need to hang something. There are plastic and metal, on screws and on suction cups.
  6. Towel holders. No one goes without towels in the bathroom. So that they do not carelessly lie and fall off the hooks, it is better to install towel holders. They can be:
  • ring — a towel is threaded into a ring fixed on the wall;
  • rotary — designed for one or more towels. Made in the form of horizontal rods, which are movable and after use can be tightly pressed against the wall, which saves space;
  • fixed in the form of rods — less convenient to use, they look like fixed horizontal rods on which towels are hung.

If there is very little space in the bathroom, then you can be content with a heated towel rail.

  • Laundry baskets. It is logical to start washing not daily, but as dirty things accumulate. It is better to store them in a laundry basket. It can be made of plastic, wicker wood, textile or metal. The main conditions due to the humid environment are openings for ventilating the contents.
  • Mirrors. It is an essential bathroom accessory. Choose the size and frame of the mirror depending on the size and design of the room. You can complement a large mirror with a smaller analogue with a magnifying effect. Such a mirror is useful for shaving and all kinds of cosmetic procedures.

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