Art Nouveau bedroom

bedroom in modern style

Art Nouveau originated in the Silver Age — the century of Russian poetry. At that time, refined and romantic moods reigned in society, and symbolism was in fashion, which became the basis of the Art Nouveau style. The symbol of modernity is smooth lines, neat curves embodied in natural materials, forging and interior elements made of precious metals. Do not forget about stone and gypsum — exquisite molding on ceilings and walls can be observed to this day in luxurious mansions of the 20th century.

If you want to find a place for this style in your home, then the bedroom will be the best solution for this. It is the bedroom — the main place of rest, that should be cozy and warm, and the romanticism of the smooth lines of modernity will add sophistication and sophistication to it.

Modern bedroom interior

If you decide to find a place for Art Nouveau in your home, remember that in order to create the right atmosphere on your own, you need a well-developed sense of style, otherwise your bedroom will look like a caricature.

So, the design of a bedroom in the Art Nouveau style must necessarily combine a number of features characteristic of this style. The main thing is to find a symbol for your specific interior. It can be an image of a chrysanthemum, as a symbol of good luck, or doves, symbolizing love and fidelity. Having chosen such a symbol, stick to it: decorate the upholstery of furniture, curtains with a symbolic ornament, or hang pictures with its image. Do not forget about smooth lines — they characterize the design of the modern bedroom. Smooth curves of furniture, decor items, moldings on the walls and ceiling, and no sharp corners — this is the main rule of modernity. The interior in this style should be as natural as possible, that is, containing natural materials and reflecting the forms of nature.

The Art Nouveau bedroom should be painted in ash, bluish or wine colors. You can also play with light colors of pearls if you are afraid of dark colors.

The floor covering is an ordinary parquet lined with a wave, or herringbone. The floor is usually left «naked», as the main accents are made on the walls and ceiling. The latter is also often decorated with plaster molding, stone, or a bulky forged chandelier, so that in any case the ceiling is not left without attention.

Particular attention should be paid to glass and mirrors. Massive mirrors are best placed in exquisite gilded frames, and the glass is painted in the manner of a stained glass window.

Modern bedroom furniture

Furniture is a key element in the modern interior, so it needs to be given special attention. In general, furniture, in harmony with the interior, should be generously decorated with ornaments, imitate natural forms — interweaving of plant branches, bends of animal bodies. Cabinet furniture was allowed to be rectangular, but its facades were often decorated with curved ornaments, frosted glass and paintings.

As for the upholstery, it is necessary to adhere to the very symbol that is typical in your design. To avoid fussiness, use dark shades of upholstery made of matte materials. The shape of furniture, especially chairs and armchairs, should visually resemble a bowl of flowers, and sofas, pouffes or banquettes — the exquisite curves of their stems. In a modern interpretation, any furniture with soft upholstery, curved armrests and legs is quite suitable for this style.

In general, the interior of the modern bedroom characterizes the exquisite edge of the XIX-XX centuries, and combines the notes of poetry and romanticism of those times. Having chosen this style as the main one, be ready to be surrounded by comfort and warmth, combined with elegance, chic and aesthetics.

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