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The evolution of the development of the light source in the room has gone its way from candles, kerosene, incandescent lamps to LED and fluorescent devices. Nowadays, for the main uniform lighting of the room, suspended ceiling lamps (chandeliers) of various shapes, colors and materials are used.

Antique chandeliers are perfect for Provence, Baroque, Country and Classic interiors. The main material for the manufacture of such lamps is wood, iron, plastic, leather, glass.

Antique chandeliers — a combination of past and present

Antique wooden chandeliers will be appropriate in a country house and will help create a romantic image in the room with subdued light or bright saturated lighting. Wood is a very light and easy to process material. It has a variety of textures and colors, environmentally friendly. Chandeliers made of wood can be hung from the ceiling on chains or ropes, they use rough solid wood beams, you can even find the shape of a wheel from a cart. To reduce the flammability of the product, they are treated with flame retardants.

Forged semi-antique chandeliers are usually divided into two types: designer (exclusive) and factory (mass production). Forged chandelier creates a special «magical» atmosphere in the room. It is characterized by a variety of bends, curls, unusual knitting elements. Basically, antique metal chandeliers are used in rooms with high ceilings, as it is possible to pick it up with a variety of forging details and create several tiers. But even for low rooms, small lamps are provided on the mount under the very top.

Chandeliers with antique candles, or rather their imitation, are in great demand to create twilight and medieval mystery in the interior. Crystal pendants help add luxury to such a lamp.

As an antique chandelier in the kitchen, you can choose a metal forged lamp with a variety of bends, pendants, a ceiling in the form of a kerosene lamp. It is better to use one bright light source or many small bulbs, then the light will be bright, not muffled. In antique chandeliers, the “candle in the wind” technique is used, special small decorative light bulbs are installed.

An antique chandelier adds coziness and warmth to your home. It fascinates with its originality, individuality, complements the interior with bright and mysterious colors.

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