8 important tips for those who want to order a cleaning service (so as not to be disappointed)

one Choose a cleaning option

There are several types of cleaning: general, maintenance, after repair, eco-friendly. General involves the total cleaning of all surfaces in the house. Support includes only dust removal and light wet cleaning. Cleaning after repair is needed to remove residual construction dust and debris. Eco-friendly cleaning is carried out without the use of aggressive detergents or chemicals at all. This is a good option if you have allergies or children in the house.

Choose based on your situation and the conditions offered by the company. Within one trip, you can combine two types of cleaning: for example, general and environmentally friendly cleaning for different rooms.

2 Empty your cabinets for cleaning

If you plan to wash large furniture from the inside, you will need to temporarily free the cabinets from things. Discuss this point with the manager in advance: what you need to remove, and what the employee can handle on their own. Be prepared for the fact that if the cleaner takes things apart, then after cleaning they may end up on the shelves in a different order.

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3 Decide which appliances should be clean

Equipment cleaning and plaque removal are also not included in the cost of basic cleaning. If you want the pros to clean the old oven or put the stove in order, tell us about it in advance when discussing the order. If you do not discuss this issue, the cleaner will only wipe the dust from the outside. Be prepared for the fact that each device must be paid separately, and the tariffs for different equipment are different.

four Discuss cleaning fixtures

Cleaning companies wash fixtures, but not all. For example, dust is removed from floor and table lamps by default, but with ceiling lamps everything is a little more complicated. Usually, cleaning simple chandeliers without additional details is included in the cost of both maintenance and general cleaning. If they hang high, most likely the cleaner will need a stepladder (usually they clean surfaces up to 180 centimeters in height). Crystal chandeliers and models of complex shape, where there are many small elements, are not included in the price of even general cleaning — they need to be agreed upon separately.

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5 Check if the cleaner will have professional chemistry

As a rule, organizations supply their employees with the necessary equipment for quality work. But sometimes the composition of the funds or the degree of their aggressiveness may not be suitable for your request. To do this, ask in advance what household chemicals the company uses, and, if necessary, leave your wishes on this matter. Similarly with inventory: make sure that the employee brings with him everything necessary for cleaning your house.

6 Discuss the fare

Some companies include the cost of travel to the address in the cost of cleaning. Most often this applies to country houses or objects that are outside the cleaning area. Find out if you meet these criteria and calculate the price of the road so that the surcharge does not become an unpleasant surprise after cleaning.

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7 Discuss in advance the time of work and the number of cleaners

Discuss the time that the work will take in your case, and plan things based on this. For example, general cleaning in an apartment lasts about 5 hours. If you do not have that much time and would like to finish faster, ask for an additional cleaner to help the main one. This service is paid and must be ordered separately.

eight Sign the contract

Working without documents, even with a trusted company, is risky. Specify whether the organization draws up a contract, and what are the conditions. If not, consider whether to trust this company, or at least discuss their warranty options.

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