7 new items from IKEA to store and organize your home

one Basket «Inswep», 999 rubles

The boom in baskets is unlikely to ever pass — too good a combination of beauty and functionality. This «Inswep» is made of plastic, although it looks like rattan. Looks cool, but due to the material is inexpensive. Basket of the optimal height: it is convenient to store cosmetic accessories, cleaning products, bottles of oil and sauces in it. Partially hide the visual noise from the packaging and fit into any interior style.

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2 Basket with handles «Netade», 999 rubles

Metal baskets are no less practical, but give the room a completely different touch. This particular one is also convenient because of the presence of handles — put in it items that require mobility, and it will be easy to carry them. There are different sizes in the collection, but this medium one is suitable for storing napkins, rags, sponges, large stationery, makeup accessories.

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3 Storage bag «Gersnugg», 399 rubles

Another novelty for hidden storage of seasonal clothes — from a denser fabric. These bags are ergonomic: they can hold a maximum of things that can be folded so that they do not wrinkle. They are placed under the bed, in the compartments of the lifting mechanism, on the upper shelves of cabinets and other narrow places. The wide handle on the front of the bag makes it easy to take it out.

four Saluding basket, 699 rubles

A handmade bamboo basket is perfect for storing soft items: towels, tablecloths, a supply of decorative pillowcases. Although it is light, it will fit into the interior in any range — due to the natural shade and natural texture.

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5 Hanger with clothespins «Slibb», 49 rubles

Sometimes very convenient things are surprisingly cheap. Slibb is such a case. The manufacturer suggests hanging socks and underwear to dry using a hanger. Expand the functionality yourself: for example, you can “clamp” small scarves, scarves, belts, belts and keep them in one place in the closet. If you have large beads and pendants, then you can place them in miniature clothespins too.

6 Wall organizer «Levla», 799 rubles

Organizing storage in the hallway is one of the most difficult tasks when putting things in order at home. Keys, chargers, pet leashes, shoehorn and more. You can collect everything you need with this organizer, which is attached to the wall. Hang it right by the door above a chest of drawers or a shoe rack so that you don’t forget anything important when you leave the house. Dark brown may not suit your interior, but that’s the beauty of IKEA products — they are easy to customize by painting and decorating.

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7 Organizer «Knock», 299 rubles

The perfect organizer for all drawers. The main purpose is to store socks and underwear. By the way, this convenient purchase will be an occasion to join the ergonomic vertical way of folding things. Accessories, large jewelry, all sorts of little things can also be put in these small compartments. The series itself is not new, but they released a new convenient model — without delimiters and lower (only 6 cm, before there were 10). Thanks to its low height, the organizer will fit even in very narrow low drawers. And if they are very spacious, you should get several organizers at once and put them close to each other.


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