6 tricks for quick and high-quality cleaning after the holiday


On December 31, the festivities are usually not limited, and on January 1, visits, salads, and parties continue. In order not to spend the entire first day of the winter holidays on cleaning, but to put the apartment in order after New Year’s Eve, follow some rules.

Listed in the video all life hacks for cleaning

one Pick up large debris first

Start with basic garbage collection around the house: candy wrappers, confetti, gift wrappings, empty boxes. To simplify the process, walk with the package through all the rooms, looking around every corner. You can immediately go to throw out the garbage — get the feeling of the cleaning begun and at the same time freshen up.

2 Don’t delay washing dishes

The next thing to do is collect all the dirty dishes near the sink. Throw away uneaten food from the plates, soak heavily soiled containers, prepare a place to dry (as there will be a lot of dishes). When everything is simply collected in one place, the apartment will immediately look neater. If at night you hastily removed the leftover salads and snacks in the refrigerator, in the morning it’s time to sort out the dishes and extend their life. What is left in the bowls in large quantities, cover with plastic wrap or silicone lids. What is left a little bit, transfer to glass or plastic containers.

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3 Do only dry cleaning

Since before the holiday you most likely “generalized”, dust has hardly accumulated in a few days. Therefore, to save time and effort, pay attention only to dry cleaning. Even superficial cleaning with a conventional vacuum cleaner will pick up debris and crumbs, but it will not require much effort. Is there a carpet in the room where the feast was held? Then pay special attention to it — the crumbs get stuck even in a short pile.

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four Do multiple things at the same time

If you have a dishwasher, great. You can start a wash cycle and at the same time wash fragile dishes by hand and take care of leftovers. A robot vacuum cleaner will also help out well. You can run it and wash dishes at the same time. In order not to waste time at all, in the third step, send the tablecloth, runner and cloth napkins from the table to the wash — you will probably still have guests, and clean table textiles are ready. The rule of parallel cleaning will also work great if there are several members in the family — allocate a zone of responsibility to each so as not to interfere with each other.

5 Put everything in its place

The advice is universal, but inevitable after the party. Many hours of gatherings with guests have probably added chaos to the interior, but if you quickly clean it up, the effect of a clean apartment is guaranteed. Blankets, pillows, board games, outfits, cosmetics in the bedroom — methodically arrange everything in its place. If the Christmas tree was moved away from the large festive table or other decor was rearranged, now is the time to return everything to the original idea.

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6 Remove «hot» zones

It is very important to put the hallway, bathroom, toilet in order before the arrival of guests: these are the rooms in which they will definitely find themselves. But after such large feasts as the New Year, these zones suffer the most.

  • In the hallway, wipe the floor near the entrance. They probably put dirt there, especially if you went out for festivities or fireworks at night. The wet mode of the robot vacuum cleaner will not help here — only manual cleaning.
  • In the bathroom, you can do without cleaning products. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the sink from stains, rub the faucet to a shine, and clean the mirror from dried drops. It will be useful to change the hand towel.
  • Do a mini-disinfection in the toilet. Treat the inside of the toilet with a special gel, and the seat and other elements can be wiped with antibacterial alcohol wipes. So you get rid of germs and get white plumbing.

Use these hacks for any holidays, not just after the New Year. Thankfully, there are many more to come!


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