6 places in the house that do not decorate with plants (and in vain!)

one Empty wall in the hallway

The corridor is often perceived only as a storage area for outerwear and is forgotten to decorate. But even the passage room deserves attention. So, shade-tolerant indoor plants will take root well here: alocasia, philodendron, sansevieria or howea.

In order not to brush the pot on the floor during the preparations, do not place it on a dresser or shoe rack. Instead, buy or make a simple DIY shelf. For her, you will need two thick braided ropes and two wooden boards. Make two holes along the edges of the boards, pass the rope and secure the shelf with knots. You can hang this design from two hooks mounted on the wall.

2 kitchen window

Usually pots with indoor plants are placed on the windowsill, but this option has become boring. An interesting alternative is to install a metal structure around the perimeter of the window, as in a gallery. Several shelves with a glass base look very aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, let in sunlight.

On these shelves you can arrange the most sun-loving plants, because they will not overlap each other and will receive maximum sunlight. Just do not place them too close to each other — leave gaps of at least 15-20 cm so that the kitchen is not dark.

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3 Soft zone in the living room

The soft zone in the living room is rarely supplemented with plants, at most they put a small pot of succulents on a coffee table. But a place for a beautiful flower can be found, for example, on the edge of a sofa with a wooden base. Such an interesting move will add zest to the interior and draw attention to a beautiful flower. It is better to put the pot on a pallet so that water and soil do not get on the furniture.

four Cupboard in the kitchen

The upper part of the kitchen cabinets is rarely decorated and they certainly do not put indoor flowers there, believing that they will be cramped and have little sunlight. In fact, this is a great place for ampelous plants: chlorophytum, asparagus fern or nephrolepis, bromeliad, ficus or air tillandsia. Their leaves hang down and can reach the end of the top row of the headset.

To ensure that the plants have enough light, place them on the locker closest to the window. Just be careful when watering — do not miss the moment when the pan is filled with water, otherwise it will overflow and can ruin the surface of wood or chipboard.

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5 wall behind sofa

Classic wall decor behind the sofa — a couple of posters or framed photos. Live plants look much more interesting. Hang a secure shelf above the sofa area. This is important because a flower pot weighs about 1-2 kg on average. On the sides, you can place ampelous plants so that they hang beautifully and symmetrically, and put a larger and more voluminous flower in the center.

6 In the corner of the living room

The corners in the living room often remain empty, because there is not enough space and it is not clear what can be put there. It will be inconvenient to reach for a rack or a coffee table; there may not be an outlet for a floor lamp. Such an empty corner is a great place for a large floor planter. Choose a tall, shade-loving plant like ficus or aglaonema. It will fill the space and become a bright natural accent.

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