5 stereotypes about order at home that prevent you from maintaining it


Don’t have time to read the article? We talked about the main stereotypes in cleaning in the video:

one First you need to buy everything you need

Many people cannot start training because before that they need to buy a beautiful uniform, professional sneakers, a water bottle, a mat and dumbbells. As a result, a useful habit is postponed until better times, since there is no extra money.

Cleaning is a similar story. First you need to buy containers, boxes, a spacious closet, maybe even make repairs, and only then order will reign at home. These situations have something in common: the brain looks for plausible excuses instead of forming a good habit.

What to do

Start working with what you have. Do a few decluttering sessions — all you need is trash bags. When things become smaller, most likely it will turn out that a new closet and a mountain of containers are not needed at all.


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2 Order must be 24/7

Often, fear prevents you from starting cleaning and doing it regularly. It seems that the ideal order should always reign at home. And for this, you will have to spend time and energy on routine cleaning every day. But no one is ready to do this: in addition to putting things in order, we all have studies, work and personal lives. As a result, hands never reach cleaning, because it seems that it is useless.

What to do

A slight mess is normal. In a house where people live, it simply cannot be that everything shines and lies strictly in its place. But if you allocate only 15-30 minutes a day for reasonable cleaning, the mess will not interfere with life and spoil your mood.


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3 If the house is imperfect, then there is nothing to start

In an era when you can find hundreds of perfect photos of interior bloggers’ apartments in a second, it’s easy to get disappointed in your own home and give up. I don’t want to take apart an old Soviet wardrobe with clothes when someone has a spacious dressing room. Or clean up the kitchen, which is far from the atmospheric Scandi pictures.

What to do

This is very similar to any useful habit: trying to learn a language, go to the gym, learn to draw. There are always those around who have been doing this for a long time and whose results look much better. It is important to focus on your own desire to have a neat and comfortable home and move towards your goal in small steps, without comparing yourself with others.


four Wet cleaning should be done every day

Another common myth is that in a house where there is always order, wet cleaning is carried out every 1-2 days. Those who try to follow such a schedule no longer have the strength to restore order in other areas, so even with clean floors, housing remains untidy. The rest just lose heart and take up the mop only on weekends. At the same time, with such frequency, by the end of the week, the house looks really untidy.

What to do

In fact, wet cleaning is not required so often. A vacuum cleaner will cope with the dust on the floor, with which there is much less trouble. If this is a robotic model, then the floors will be completely clean without human intervention. Wet cleaning can be done every 4-5 days in those places where the floors get really dirty: for example, in the kitchen.


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5 Cleaning should last at least an hour

Cleaning should be long and thorough — this idea was instilled in us in childhood, and because of this, many avoid cleaning up during the week. It seems that this lesson needs to be devoted to at least half a day, otherwise there will be no result. As a result, with such a schedule for restoring order, the interior looks untidy, and a bunch of unpleasant things pile up on weekends.

What to do

Get in the habit of doing a little bit every day. Move from room to room, sort out those places where there is currently a mess. 15-20 minutes dedicated to daily coziness will save you from painful general cleaning at the weekend.



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