4 mistakes of combining different interior styles in one room that everyone makes


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one A mixture of three or more styles

Very often, people like bright accents and details from different interior styles. For example, in eco-style, an abundance of living plants may appeal, in boho — unusual, hand-made textile decorations, and in Scandinavian — candles and a blanket. All the items you like are added to the interior, getting a mixture of different styles, in which it is very difficult to single out the base.

As a result, the interior looks sloppy and overloaded, the abundance of accents creates visual noise and causes fatigue.

What to do

Try to stick to two styles. One of them will become the basis of your interior, take at least 70% of the entire space for it. After you have worked it out, carefully and gradually introduce the second style. Take breaks to allow yourself to get used to and catch the moment when the “mess” begins.

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2 Work only with accents and decor

In any style, accents and decor are the first thing that catches the eye. But they are the icing on the cake, you can’t build a house style only on these details.

Often it turns out that the basis of the interior is not thought out, different rooms do not fit together. The space comes out stereotyped and boring, and even bright interesting accents will not save it. In addition, if a suitable base is not created, the accents will look feigned and artificial.

What to do

Learn how the foundation is created for the interior styles that you decide to combine. The database includes finishing materials, colors, a selection of large furniture, storage systems and textiles. Highlight common features for the basics of the styles you like and create a thoughtful picture into which you will already add decor: paintings, vases, rugs, candles, posters.

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3 Mutually exclusive directions

There are completely opposite styles, for example, minimalism and boho. There are usually no mistakes here, because it is obvious that it is almost impossible to fit them into one space.

The catch lies in the moment when the two styles can theoretically be combined, but not entirely. For example, minimalism is interestingly combined with a touch of classic style. You take as a basis the basic principles of minimalism: hidden storage, straight lines, no unnecessary details, a minimum of decor. It is perfectly superimposed on a muted and elegant classic color palette, finishing materials like wood and natural stone. You can even take a risk and, if space permits, add, for example, elegant stucco molding to the ceiling in a living room with high ceilings, which is not typical of minimalism.

But such steps are risky precisely because they are easy to make mistakes. For example, create an apartment in the style of minimalism, but buy a classic set with curls for the kitchen. In the case of a typical small kitchen, these curlicues will drown out any desire for minimalism.

What to do

Study in detail the styles you want to combine and eliminate elements that oppose each other. Also consider the room you are working from. The larger the area and the higher the ceilings, the more space for experiments. In small rooms you need to be careful.

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four Losing comfort for style

Famous world designers create incredibly complex and catchy interiors for celebrities, mixing different styles, new trends are shown at exhibitions, and this is very inspiring. Therefore, many people, thinking over the interior of a small apartment on their own, focus too much on fashion and brands and forget about their own comfort.

As a result, the interior can really turn out to be successful in terms of the visual component, but uncomfortable for everyday life.

What to do

Always keep in mind the features of your life. You should not buy an expensive snow-white leather sofa if there are a lot of small children in the apartment. Or laying a luxurious carpet with a long pile in a small bedroom, which will significantly complicate cleaning.

This is especially important if you are mixing styles. The visual component should not force you to sacrifice comfort. Sometimes it’s better to abandon a bright idea so as not to redo the repair in a few months.

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