Wall decoration in the corridor

Wall decoration in the corridor

Most often, repairs in the hallway are done last, when all the other rooms have already been repaired. Therefore, when choosing materials for wall decoration in the corridor, you need to remember that the design of the corridor should be in harmony with the overall interior of the apartment. After all, it is the design of the walls that especially affects the overall interior design of any room.

How to sheathe the walls in the corridor?

The walls in the hallway, perhaps more than the walls in other rooms, are subject to pollution and damage. Therefore, the wall decoration in the corridor must be durable, resistant to moisture and dirt, as well as to various mechanical damage. There are many options on how to decorate the walls in the corridor.

  1. The easiest way, and cheaper, is to paste over the walls in the hallway with wallpaper. The best option for such a finish for the corridor is vinyl wallpaper or propylene. Silk-screened vinyl looks very impressive, although such a coating is a bit more expensive. You need to glue the wallpaper with polymer wallpaper glue. But cork wallpapers, fashionable today, will make your hallway dark, as they absorb a lot of light.
  2. You can use a fairly common finishing option for the corridor — plastic wall panels. At the same time, especially if the corridor is cramped and narrow, such sheathing applied to the crate to level the walls can noticeably «eat» the space. To prevent this from happening, before sheathing the walls in the corridor with such a finish, the surface must be well leveled with plaster.
  3. A stunning decor is created by liquid wallpaper on the walls in the corridor, however, since such a coating is very porous, it is advisable to cover it with acrylic varnish on top. There are no seams on such wallpapers, they perfectly align the walls and hide defects on them, they do not peel off like paper ones.
  4. With the help of decorative Venetian plaster, which is made from ordinary plaster with the addition of mineral chips, colored sand and other colored fillers, high-class craftsmen can create real masterpieces — drawings on the walls in the corridor, which will be appropriate only in luxury apartments. And the simplest patterns can be made independently, using a special technology for preparing and applying such decorative plaster.
  5. You can choose another simple way to decorate the walls in the corridor — painting. At the same time, to level the surface, it is better to first glue the wallpaper for painting, and then you can already create any wall color you like for the corridor.

To make repairs in the corridor unusual and beautiful, you can arrange various shelves or illuminated niches in the walls. And to increase the backlight in them, install a mirror on the back wall of such a niche or shelf that will reflect the light falling on it.

The use of stone on the walls in the corridor is justified only in the case of a large entrance hall, and even then, if such a cladding is applied on the end walls, where it will look so gloomy. But inserts made of decorative stone, porcelain stoneware, wooden siding on the walls of the hallway will look very original.

Wall lamps in the corridor, decorative panels, photographs or paintings will make the interior of your hallway exclusive and extraordinary.

Properly selected wall decoration can visually enlarge or reduce the space. This is especially true for small hallways: it is better to make the walls in them light. Moreover, if the lower part of the walls is decorated in a darker color, then in addition to an improved aesthetic appearance, you will also receive a more practical coating, on which possible pollution will not be so noticeable.

As you can see, a lot of modern materials for wall decoration in the corridor allow you to realize any of your ideas. Imagine and create!

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