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Carpet is a convenient product for warming and decorating floors. Modern viscose carpets are obtained from an artificial fabric made from a natural material — cellulose, which in turn is made from wood. They are considered unnatural, but in fact they are a replacement for natural materials. Such a product is also called artificial silk, it looks like it with overflows and a pile game.

Pros and cons of viscose carpets

Viscose carpets lend themselves well to painting, so their color range is quite wide — from pastel to bright saturated colors. Such coatings have a silky sheen and perfectly retain the original shade. Viscose products are durable, they do not wrinkle, do not rub, are resistant to dirt, and can be used in high traffic areas. Viscose carpets are very soft and pleasant to the touch. Unlike silk or wool products, they do not cause allergies. The main disadvantage of viscose carpets is the need for careful maintenance.

To care for viscose carpets, dry cleaning is used, a couple of times a year it can be taken outside, refreshed with snow. Such products are afraid of moisture, getting wet, they can lose their shape. Do not spill liquid on carpet. If this happens, then you need to quickly remove the moisture with a napkin. Serious stains and dirt are best removed in specialized dry cleaners. Carpet cleaning should be done with sponges in the direction of the fibers.

If you properly care for the product and periodically turn it 180 degrees, it will last for decades without losing the brightness of colors and the smoothness of the surface.

Viscose carpet in the interior

Viscose carpets bring lightness to the interior and become a great addition to any style. They can be decorated with traditional patterns, floral motifs, abstract compositions. Buds on a dark or light background can be expressively large or delicate and small, emphasizing the elegance of interior details.

Due to the fine elaboration of texture, depth of color and elegance of lines, such carpets resemble luxurious tapestries.

It is customary to spread carpets of dark colors on light floors and vice versa. This combination allows you to emphasize the beauty of both carpet and flooring. The shape of viscose coatings is square, rectangular, round, oval.

A round viscose carpet looks perfect in a spacious room, it can be placed in the center of the room, put a coffee table. A recreation area with a round carpet will look cozy, along the edges of which chairs and a sofa are placed. Arches, bay windows, twisted furniture are perfectly combined with a round carpet. This form of coverage tends to combine zones.

An oval viscose rug visually stretches the space, while rounded shapes smooth out sharp corners in the setting. Products of similar geometry look good in the living room, bedroom, nursery. Now the advantage of designers is given to small, neat rugs instead of bulky options.

Such products are suitable for interiors in a classic or modern style. Their fine structure makes the room elegant, brings luxury and sunshine to it.

Many models use a combination of fleecy and lint-free areas of the ornament, which gives them relief.

Viscose carpets are popular among connoisseurs of beauty, they embody a high quality product for a reasonable price. With proper operation, such floor coverings will last a long time, they will decorate any stylish interior.


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