The design of the corridor in the apartment

The design of the corridor in the apartment

As usual, the corridor in any apartment is a small area without windows, but with many doors. This is the hallway through which we pass into the living rooms, in a hurry to go about our business. However, when designing a corridor in a modern apartment, it should be borne in mind that this room is the first thing you and your guests see when entering the house.

Let’s talk about how to properly approach the interior design of your corridor in order to, firstly, make a good impression and, secondly, turn these useless square meters into a cozy and functional room. First of all, you need to start from the area and shape of the corridor, as well as from the size and design of the entire apartment.

Design of a long narrow corridor

As a rule, in multi-storey buildings built according to standard projects, the corridor is a narrow and long passage room. It is difficult to place any of the furniture here, but, having properly thought out the design, the corridor can be visually expanded and given some functionality.

Since there are usually no windows in the corridors, the first thing to think about is the issue of lighting. First, you should always choose light-colored wallpapers. Secondly, instead of one light source, it is better to place several identical lamps or wall sconces along one wall. You can also successfully use spot lighting, especially if the apartment is dominated by high-tech or modern design.

As for furniture, instead of bulky cabinets in a small corridor, flat hangers and miniature shelves for small items will look better. If the design of your corridor involves a niche in the wall, then a built-in shoe cabinet or a small chest of drawers would be an ideal solution.

Design of a large square corridor

Unlike narrow corridors, in modern apartments it is much easier to beat the design of the hallway. In a spacious square room, you can place furniture that takes up extra space in living rooms — bookshelves, wardrobes. A cozy sofa or sofa will also look appropriate here. However, do not clutter up the room with furniture — it should look appropriate and concise.

So that the square corridor does not look too empty, it would be reasonable to apply the principle of zoning. Separate the entrance area of ​​​​the corridor from the rest, more «residential» square meters with colored floor tiles or an arched opening. Thus, you will get an additional room that can be successfully used as a home library or a place of rest. Place pictures or photographs in frames on the walls, put several bookcases or shelves with souvenirs along the walls, which are usually so difficult to find a place in the apartment — and your corridor will acquire a long-awaited comfort!

Wallpaper design for walls in the hallway

If your apartment is designed in a certain style, then its elements must be present in the corridor. You should not completely paste over the room with the same wallpaper — it will be enough to correctly place the accents.

As mentioned above, it is desirable to use wallpaper in the corridor in light shades. The color scheme usually does not depend on the size and shape of the corridor — it is better to visually expand any room without windows. Pastel colors look best: beige, pale pink, coffee, pale blue, etc.

The modern market of finishing materials offers us a variety of other wall coverings. This is decorative plaster, and the so-called liquid wallpaper, and textured paint. The design of the corridor with decorative stone, partially or completely decorating the walls of the hallway, looks interesting. Today, this is a current and fashionable trend in the design of the corridor of a modern apartment.

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