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Kyiv is a capital city with diverse architecture. Today, on its streets you can find luxurious mansions of the past centuries, tenement houses, and religious buildings. However, most of the buildings are modern architecture focused on European standards. And one of them will soon open its doors for its guests — LCD on Mechnikova 11-A.

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«Signature»: hello from the future

The new elite residential complex «Signature» is the creation of the world-famous architect company Schmidhuber. It consists of three towers, a central one and two side ones, rising on a multi-level stylobate. When developing the design of the facade, the architects relied on a parametric style, where smooth and soft lines flowing one into another prevail. The architectural object is equipped with glass walls and a roof. It is also worth noting such an engineering solution as an atrium laid along the entire height of the main tower.

The Ukrainian architect Dmitry Aranchiy also brought his own zest, having arranged a park area on the roof of the stylobate part in accordance with the chosen direction of style. The space turned out to be light, not overloaded, and at the same time cozy. Additionally, the territory provides a place for the development and fun of children — Kids club. But for the relaxation of adults there is a swimming pool, a bath complex, a massage room, a fitness room, a room for playing squash and much more. And besides everything, in case of emergency evacuation, a helipad is also equipped on the roof.

What’s inside?

Complex «Signature» — elite houses in Kyiv, distinguished not only by creative design, but also by the introduction of innovative technologies in the construction. The interior features are:

  • innovative surveillance systems;

  • fireproof German doors;

  • hydrants in each apartment;

  • high-speed elevators;

  • sprinkler fire extinguishing system;

  • smoke-free stairs;

  • automated access control;

  • security and fire alarms.

The apartments of the complex are also equipped with German convectors operating in two cold/heat modes. And due to the supply and exhaust ventilation, each owner will be able to create an optimal microclimate for himself. For such a symbiosis of advantages, new buildings are the only premium-class apartments in Ukraine marked with the international BREAM certificate. Residential complex «Signature» rightfully bears the title of the best in its segment.

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